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My username is I_am_Tamaki_Suoh and I would like to have the staff role of "moderator". I sometimes make mistakes, but I always correct myself after I make them. I am very musical and good at math (might not be the most important information.) I am an okay builder and I know how to use world edit. I am respectful while using chat, and I'm on 7/7 days of the week most of the time. This was my survey I hope you accept it.

Diplomat: NO
Vote: Yes
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 14
Teamspeak: No


Hey there!


First off, I suggest applying for the staff position Ambassador before applying for Moderator. Once we see what you're capable of if you're an ambassador, that's when you'll be considered for Mod. Also, I suggest telling us what you can do for the server, and how you could be a valuable member of our team. Why should we choose you over someone else? What can you do, or how can you help? Give us examples of things you do to help out in the server already. That really helps in your application.


Also, I recommend reading this not only once, but multiple times, Make sure you really take in the information given, because it might help on your next application.


You also don't need the personal information in there! It's only extra stuff that won't necessarily boost your chances at getting the position.


Good luck,