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How To Apply For A Muttsworld Staff Position.

We have had a flood of applications from players wishing to help MuttsWorld by becoming server staff. But what is the proper way to file an application? How best to get our attention? Some tips and requirements are found within.

March. 2016 EDIT: Preference for application language clarified.


While we appreciate how passionate players are about wanting to help MuttsWorld continue to be one the best gaming communities around, we still need certain requirements to be met. As such, please review the following:

  • Are staff positions ranks? NO! Staff positions are volunteer jobs. They are not "ranks" that can be earned, purchased or otherwise given away. You must prove to us that you can do the job, and do it well, or you will not be selected.
  • What positions are available? Ambassador (chat monitoring) and Moderator (rule enforcement) are the main positions we seek. The are relatively new openings available for Community Staff, who help run events and make players feel welcome. There are two levels of Com. Staff; Ambassador and Moderator. Some servers also have a Build Team. Ask server staff online if you're not sure which positions are open there.
  • How do I apply?
    First, you need to register for a forum account, which you can do at this link: https://www.muttswor...ection=register. Use a real email address. You'll need to click the verify link you receive when you register. When you verify your account, you'll be able to apply. See the next point.
  • Where do I apply? http://muttsworldmin...plications.html - This is the main page. From here, select the server on which you would like to apply, then click Add Application and fill out the form. NOTE: Some servers don't have their own individual section. Use the section that best fits, and mention where you are applying. For example: SkyBlock applications can be filed in the Creative section.
  • How many applications should I make? APPLY ONLY ONCE. Multiple applications are unnecessary. The applications stay live until we reach out to you directly to let you know whether or not you were selected. If you don't hear from a server admin, it means we have not yet made a decision. BE PATIENT. If you must add to your application, find your original application post and either edit it, or reply to it. NOTE: If you are already staff, YOU STILL NEED TO APPLY to be staff on a different server. You are not automatically staff on Creative if you are an Ambassador on, say, Survival. You can edit your original application, or file ONE new application, and mention which servers you'd like to help, in addition to your first staff spot. Moderators can directly message server Admins instead of filing applications via the Staff Chat Site (you know the one).
  • How long should my essay be? As mentioned in the first bullet point, staff positions are jobs. You are expected to take your application seriously. Your essay is your chance to prove you meet (or exceed) our requirements to be staff. We expect 200 words, at a minimum, or we will not consider your application.
  • What should be in my essay? First of all, as we are primarily an English-language server (with an American owner), you should apply in English. If you are not fluent in English, please apply in your native language, then below that, use Google Translate to post the English version. As mentioned above, this is your chance to show why we should pick you above all the other applications. We know you want to help, but tell us why. It's nice that other players like you, but how would you handle a rude player? Don't be like every other application. What about you makes you stand out?
  • How old do I need to be? For Ambassador, we prefer players to be 16 or older. For Moderator, we typically look for prior Ambassador experience and/or for the person to be 18 or older. Some exceptions are made for proven maturity and helpfulness.
  • Are there other requirements? Yes, but some are more concrete than others.
  • Proof of maturity and proven helpfulness before being promoted. We seek staff who are helpful by nature, like talking with their fellow MuttsWorlders and are capable of being professional in the face of rude behavior on the part of others. If you are only willing to help if we promote you, or are easily upset, you are not the type of person we're looking for.
  • Teamspeak is mandatory, BUT we recognize that some players may be using a shared family computer. We will understand if you can't install Teamspeak for that reason. We use it for staff meetings and easier communication. It is also a great way to keep in touch with the community.
  • We prefer you vote. After all, voting helps the server gain new players. If you vote regularly (once per day, or at least a few times per week), it's a plus. It isn't mandatory, though.
  • Diplomat... We've gotten this question quite a bit. NO, diplomat is NOT mandatory to be selected for a staff position.
  • Grammar: Please be sure that everything in your application is spelled correctly and uses proper grammar. We're looking for people who will be able to communicate clearly with players, if we decide to promote them. So even if you use slang, all lowercase or what have you on the servers, we need to know you CAN, when needed, speak professionally. If your spelling and grammar are lacking, it may hurt your chances for selection.
Thank you for reviewing this information, and I'll see you on the servers!