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Apig's 6 Week Build Contest

16 January 2018 - 09:08 PM


Enter my 4 Week Build Contest!


Winners will be announced soon after. 






1st Place: $50 Steam Gift Card

2nd Place: $20 Steam Gift Card

3rd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card




ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS:   You might have to do your research for this theme! Basically, build anything you wish that relates to "ancient civilizations". You are not limited to any specific culture, just make sure it fits our time period. Examples include (but are not limited to) temples, monuments, towns, battles, ships, gardens, amphitheaters, libraries, sculptures, etc. 

Attached File  2018-01-23_17.19.42.png   998.47KB   76 downloads



I, along with a small staff judging panel will determine who the winners are based on the criteria described below:   

-Composition: Bigger isn't necessarily better, but make sure your effort is reflected in your build. I'm giving you over a month to complete this so it had better show. I don't want to see a box.

-Execution: Does what you built reflect what you were trying to portray? Did the building techniques/materials used help represent what you are trying to accomplish? Did you use depth and detail to your advantage? This is what makes or breaks a build. 




Just start building on an empty plot (must be empty), and message Batesmine or apigwithabat when you're done.




#1. You must use the default Minecraft texturepack

#2. Teams are allowed, but it's on you to find a way to split the prizes. 

#3. Have fun :)





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Update #3 Nile Project: I've Gone Too Far With The Decor....

22 November 2017 - 10:52 PM

I can't stop making custom map blocks... but you gotta admit they look cool!! NOTE: This is not a texturepack, these are custom maps I created in the survival server and placed into item frames!


f5niXS7.pngp9mlQmh.pngDDLsJ9n.pngMy most recent custom map:


Nile Project Update #2 Next Level Building

29 September 2017 - 03:07 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case hieroglyphic paintings. Using maps and items frames, I am able to create custom "blocks", making my builds more immersive than ever before. If I'm online and you want to see it for yourself, just request a tp. MORE TO COME SOON! 


The Nile Project (Wip)

07 July 2017 - 09:49 PM

The Nile Project

The Nile project is my recreation of the Nile river valley during the Ptolemaic period of ancient Egypt. Much of this architecture style is a hybrid between Egyptian and Greek/Roman, which allows for a wide variety of visually intriguing structures. The Nile river valley was also a lush area, which was absolutely prime for agriculture.  I will be working on custom terrain, historically accurate architecture, custom trees, and much more! Some of you may know me from building "Rome" on the 2011 survival map. A nice attempt for the time, but will compare nothing to this project. This will be one of my most ambitious projects on any survival server.  Here are some progress photos so far:









Taking Building to the Next Level

For the first time ever, I will be attempting to create my own decoration blocks using custom maps and item frames, opening up whole new design possibilities. Although extremely time consuming, the overall aesthetic and ambiance will be 100% worth it. Here is just one example of what I've worked on in a creative test world: 



How Can You Help?

I am always taking donations of cobblestone, stone, sandstone, quartz, and hardened clay!