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#108323 Survival Update!

Posted by Sketsi on 19 November 2018 - 06:04 PM

New Changes:


You can use /village or /visit <region> anywhere once again!


New Plugin added to the server:
As of right it only shows information regarding Minecraft Enchants, I am working on adding potions to the plugin, and eventually more as you guys suggest.
Use "/mc" to get started.

We added this to the server, and shortly after removed it due to a chat related issue. I am going to look further into this issue, and hopefully we'll have it on the server once again.

Bankhand Auctions:

  - Prizes to expect: Spawners, Spawn Plot, Custom Enchanted Gear, and more!

We know you love to try and kill your friends from breaking the blocks beneath them. We'll be giving away several spawn plots for personal use. You can advertise your warps!


Santa is coming to MuttsWorld!

Make sure you set up your Christmas tree so Santa knows where to put your presents! Or coal if you've been naughty.


Upcoming Changes:

/setwarp - Price will be increased!

Update /esell list - If you want something added to the shop, feel free to leave a comment on what you want to see added!

Admin Shop



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#103125 [Application]Unknownevil

Posted by Sketsi on 01 July 2018 - 10:20 AM

Great Application!

#103123 [Application]Rainingslender

Posted by Sketsi on 01 July 2018 - 10:06 AM

Very nice.

#102179 Survival Has A New Spawn

Posted by Sketsi on 31 December 2017 - 08:03 PM

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#101885 Nile Project Update #2 Next Level Building

Posted by Sketsi on 10 October 2017 - 07:28 AM

It's a great view in person :D

#101831 Survival Updates!

Posted by Sketsi on 19 September 2017 - 06:07 PM


- Fixes


Admin Shop has been fixed and reopened. You can now buy items at /warp adminshop once again!

#101778 L2D Building Contest

Posted by Sketsi on 10 September 2017 - 11:23 PM

What's the timezone this is based off of? What about in February when there are only 28 days? Where are we supposed to build these builds at? What if I win? What do I get for winning? I have a lot of questions that I want answered! :D

#101750 Mcmmo Guide

Posted by Sketsi on 08 September 2017 - 11:34 PM

mcMMO Commands

/mcstats - View your mcMMO stats
/<skill>- View detailed information about a skill
/mctop <skill> <page> - Leaderboards
/inspect <player> - View detailed player info
/mcability - Toggle ability activation with right click





/party                                                                           Check party information.

/party create <party-name> <password>                     Creates a new party

/party join <player> [password]                                  Join a players party

/party invite <player>                                                 Invite a player to join your party.

/party accept <player>                                               Accept a party invite

/party password <password>                                      Set a password for the party you currently own.

/party kick <player-name>                                          Kick a player from the party.

/party owner <player-name>                                       Set a player as the party owner.

/party expshare [none/equal]                                    Set the party share mode.

/party lock                                                                Lock the party

/party unlock                                                             Unlock the party

/party quit                                                                 Quit the party you're currently in.

/party help                                                                More information about parties.

/partychat [message]                                                Allows you to communicate with other players in your party.

mcMMO Skills

Power Level: This is a total for all of your skills. You level up in Mining, your power level will also increase.
Excavation: Using a shovel on Dirt, Grass, Gravel, Sand and Clay.
Mining: Mining stone and ores using a pickaxe.
Fishing: Find a water source and throw your fishing line into it and catch some fish, possibly tools and armor.
Unarmed: Hitting passive and hostile mobs with your bare fists(empty hands). Your damage will increase as you level up.
Acrobatics: Taking fall damage and not dying will increase your level.
Swords: Hitting passive and hostile mobs with a sword.
Herbalism: Collecting herbs and plants. (farming)
Repair: Using wood planks to repair wood tools, cobblestone to repair stone tools, etc.
Woodcutting: Cutting down trees, comes with treefeller which helps clear out large trees in one swing.
Alchemy: Brew potions and you will unlock custom potions as you progress!
Archery: Shooting passive and hostile mobs with your bow.
Axes: Hitting passive and hostile mobs with an axe.
Taming: Taming mobs or combat with your wolves.

With mcMMO to use the abilities, you will need to press your Left Shift key and right click to activate abilities.
The way I see it, yes may be a little annoying but it makes it so that if you accidentally right click, you aren't wasting the ability.

You can look into the abilities in game by type the /<skill> for more information.

#101423 Looking For A New Town To Live In

Posted by Sketsi on 02 July 2017 - 09:30 PM

SeriousFrog, CinnSesame, Annezlove Have towns with roads and stuff. :D
SeriousFrog's town is up and coming, very active and nice little area with about 10 people or so living there.
Cinn's town might just be filled up, but usually she is willing to make a house for you.. but costs money sometimes :P
Annez's town is quite interesting, I've heard she made a statue of the tnt admin and you can see it from the town.

#101234 Mythic Gear Drop Rates

Posted by Sketsi on 28 April 2017 - 01:51 AM

Current Rates (Last updated 2/8/17)


/tiers - Displays the tiers below in game.


To use the gear you MUST meet the minimum level.

Common: 5  Rare: 10  Mighty: 20  Heroic: 30  Epic: 40  Legendary: 50  God: 60


When you kill a Common mob (Skeletal Minion, Spider or Zombie) you have 2% of a chance of getting common armor or weapons.


When you kill a Rare mob (Infected Cow or Infected Wolf) you have a 50% of getting a drop. (25% Common, 25% Rare)


When you kill a Mighty mob (Skeleton King or Venom Archer) you have a 70% of getting a drop. (35% Common, 20% Rare, 15% Mighty)


When you kill a Heroic mob (Fire Storm, Karazsch or Mummy) you have a 100% of getting a drop. (65% Rare, 20% Mighty, 15% Heroic)


When you kill an Epic boss (Lord Varson or Theal The Unstable) you have a 100% of getting a drop. (65% Mighty, 20% Heroic, 15% Epic)


When you kill a Legendary boss (Bambam2098) you have a 100% of getting a drop. (65% Heroic, 20% Epic, 15% Legendary)


When you kill a God boss (Coming soon) you have a 100% of getting a drop. (65% Epic, 20% Legendary, 15% God)

#101049 Socketting

Posted by Sketsi on 07 March 2017 - 05:33 AM

Sockets are a way for you to get the upper hand in PvP! It'll be hard for someone to kill you if they can't see you. So with this post I am going to tell you what each socket means and teach you how to use them. The highest tier of sockets are IV.
First you'll need to get a socket and a piece of tool/armor with an empty socket slot.
Next you will need to right click the socket (making sure it says tool or armor)
It'll tell you if you have done it successfully or that you can't use it on the item.
Final Product
If you attack a player with a "negative" socket on their armor, you will receive the potion effect for a short period of time.
harden - damage resistance 
frost - slow
needles - poison
spikes - wither
When you attack a player with a weapon they will receive all of the following effects on your weapon.
*Note* If you attack a player and have adrenaline you'll get a small speed boost.
adrenaline - speed
chill - slow
confusion - confusion
counter - absorption
darkness - blindness
poison - poison
weaken - weakness
wither - wither

#101011 Gangs+ And The Commands!

Posted by Sketsi on 02 March 2017 - 03:03 PM



/gang help

shows you all of the commands


/gang list

list of all gangs


/gang top

gangs leaderboard


/gang info <gang>

information about specified gang


/gang create <name>

create a new gang


/gang disband

disband your gang


/gang join <gang>

join specified gang


/gang invite <player>

invite player to your gang


/gang uninvite <player>

cancel player's invitation


/gang kick <player>

kick player out of your gang


/gang leave

leave your gang


/gang player <player>

specified player's statistics


/gang regroup <home name>

request all players to regroup at specified home


/gang friendlyfire

toggle friendly fire in gang


/gang levelup

level up to higher gang level


/gang promote <player>

promote specified player to higher rank


/gang demote <player>

demote specified player to lower rank


/gang deposit <amount>

deposit money on your gang's bank account


/gang withdraw <amount>

withdraw money from your gang's bank account


/gang listhomes

list of all gang homes


/gang home <home>

teleport to specified gang home


/gang sethome <home>

set specified gang home's location


/gang delhome <home>

delete specified gang home


/gang ally <gang>

send alliance request to specified gang


/gang neutral <gang>

set relation with an ally to neutral


/gc on|off

toggle gang chat on/off


/gc <message>

send a single message on gang chat


/ac on|off

toggle ally chat on/off


/ac <message>

send a single message on ally chat


/fight challenge <players amount> <money> <gang>

challenge specified gang for a fight


/fight accept <gang>

accept fight challenge from specified gang


/fight join

join the fight your gang takes part in


/fight leave

leave the fight your gang takes part in

#100969 Plot World

Posted by Sketsi on 26 February 2017 - 05:58 PM

The Plot World is a safe place where you can set up a nice base to store your gear and all the loot you collect from the map.





This world does not reset! Each plot is 32x32





Plot World Commands:

/pw or /plotworld - Takes you to the plot world's spawn.

From here you can walk to /warp shop which is below the plot world's spawn.


/p h:<#>

Teleports you to your plot, :# if you own multiple plots.

Ex: /p h:2


/p h:<#> <Player>

You can visit your friend's plots!

Ex: /p v:4 spartagon123


/p auto - Claims the next available free plot.

Diplomat can claim 4 plots. Resident can claim 1 plot.

Click me to buy more plots!


/p claim

Claims the plot you are standing on if available.


/p info

Displays information about the plot you're standing on.


/p list

Lists every plot you can build on.


/p biomes

Lists all possible biomes.


/p biome <biome>

Changes the plots biome to the one specified.

Ex: /p biome roofed_forest


/p done

Toggles a plot done or not done.


/p clear

Clears the plot to its original flat state. (Use carefully!)


/p dispose

You will no longer own the plot but it will not get cleared.


/p add <Player> *

Allows a player to have full access to the plot(This is your responsibility!)

Ex: /p add bambam2098

      /p add *


/p remove <Player> *

Revokes a players access to the plot.

Ex: /p remove bambam2098

     /p remove *


/p deny <Player> *

Prevents a player from moving onto your plot.

Ex: /p deny XXLordSXX

        /p deny *

/p undeny <Player> *

Allows a previously denied player to move onto your plot.

Ex: /p undeny XXLordSXX

      /p undeny *


*WARNING*: * is the entire server


*WARNING*: Trapped Chests and Shulker Boxes can be opened by other players without access to your plot. So consider using normal chests only or hiding the trapped chests in a place where players won't find them. Armor Stands can also be access from other players, so use them at your own risk!

#99787 Infernals

Posted by Sketsi on 04 October 2016 - 10:10 AM

Dirt houses don't protect you from infernal enderdragons, They protect you from infernal Herobrine

#99605 Show Us Your Builds!

Posted by Sketsi on 09 September 2016 - 03:28 AM