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Hierarchy's End Map

11 August 2016 - 05:53 PM

Hierarchy's End is our biggest map. It has loads of awesome biomes and creations to explore, and many hidden secrets. This map like all the maps uses the 3 Chest Loot System.




Hierarchy's End is ready for you now it's time for you to explore, raid, and defeat the hoard! /L2D

Attached File  IMG_3564.JPG   121.77KB   184 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3566.JPG   111.47KB   135 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3567.JPG   54.18KB   233 downloadsAttached File  thumbnail_IMG_3599.jpg   9.99KB   231 downloads

(photos provided by mr_buzz & page inspired by MtnDoot)


The Map is also divided into Mythic Tier Zones.

Attached File  2017-03-01_08.47.16.png   299.58KB   28 downloadsAttached File  Hierarchy'sEnd.png   294.86KB   26 downloads


Left To Go

08 August 2016 - 10:37 PM

Attached File  landscape-1456483171-pokemon2.jpg   84.29KB   54 downloads

I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause. 


You guessed it Pokemon is coming to L2D! I challenge you to be the first to "catch" 20 Pokemon around the map. 


I will travel across the land. Searching far and wide. Teach Pokemon to understand. The power that's inside.


The first to catch 20 Pokemon will receive a rare Pokemon (on L2D) and 10k mums! Modreq once you have achieved the goal. Good luck!

Attached File  imgres.jpg   5.02KB   51 downloads

3 Tier Chest Loot System

08 August 2016 - 09:01 PM

              Attached File  96671954860aa3c768016bb432173f7b.jpg   35.02KB   58 downloads

*picks up mic*

L2D recently released its new map but also introduced its new 3-tier chest system.

Below is listed the name of each tier chest you will find on the map from most common to most rare:


 1. Storage-Box (this is a normal chest)

2. Loot-Crate (this is a trapped chest)

       3. Treasure-Chest (this is an ender chest)

4. Quantum-Loot-Crate (this is an observer)

5. Ultre-Entrepot (this is an end portal frame)


These chest will be refilled every hour and will always contain new randomized loot. Let the raid begin.

*drops mic* 

Build, Race, Explode!

20 July 2016 - 11:30 PM

 Attached File  imgres.png   16.1KB   37 downloads

Do you have the passion of building? Or the desire to blow something up?

On July 30 at 6pm EST we will be hosting a race to build the best TNT cannon.

You will then use your cannon to try to blow up your target first. 

Although supplies will not be provided, don't you fear! You have plenty of time to find

supplies around the map or even make purchases at /warp shop to help you create your

desired design for your cannon. The winner will receive a heroic tier

sword (pictured below). Get building, designing, and collecting and be ready for some

explosive fun! (Haha get it explosive fun? I should shut up now.) 


The person to successfully destroy their target first

will win this Heroic tier sword:

Attached File  2016-07-21_00.05.44.png   56.23KB   40 downloads

Never Lose Your Xp Again!

29 June 2016 - 12:35 AM

     Just another great reason to buy diplo is that now on l2d diplomats can bottle their xp. Now you never have to worry about dying and losing your experience! Here is how to execute bottling your xp:


Attached File  imgres.png   6.88KB   61 downloads


To see the list of commands do /bottle xp

To bottle a certain amount of xp do /bottle get [amount]

To bottle all of your xp do /bottle get max


Attached File  2016-06-29_00.59.53.png   311.11KB   101 downloads