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Tekkit: A New Way to Play Minecraft

Over the past few weeks I have seen an explosion in players on the tiny MuttsWorld modded server: tekkit.muttsworldmine.com .

If you are starting to feel bored with wood blocks and iron blocks, you should really take a look at tekkit. It requires a custom client, but I think you will find it enjoyable.

More info below...

Posted Image
The client for tekkit can be downloaded here: http://www.technicpack.net/download/

1. Download : http://www.technicpack.net/download/

2. Run the Launcher.

3. Top left select Tekkit, and under options make sure you are using version 3.1.2

4. Login

5. Add Server: MuttsWorld Tekkit tekkit.muttsworldmine.com

6. Play.

Further Information:


I Love Tekkit!! Sooo many Blocks! Soo many Items !!!
Eh i'm not a huge fan but the masses like it.
I used to like it, until i tried technic. :3
i liked it before the reset.
I'm trying to get th minecraft.jar... my computer has to try it a million times to force update, sam thing with getting this minecraft.jar
Teekkit <3
Before the whole technic pack thing I used to hate tekkit because after I downloaded minecraft forge, I realized I had to download 25 more. Gonna try it soon, see what the whole thing-a-mabob is about.
It's fun in the sense that you have so much more you can do in 1 package, but there is so much stuff it can be overwhelming. I downloaded it then got rid of it cause it was too much at once, but i re-downloaded it and once you get food and weapons down, you can concentrate on learning everything.
Don't be afraid to ask for help on the server. Lots of good people ready to help those that ask for it.
Awesome! But sadly, my computer lags like crazy when I play it.
Most fun ive had in minecraft in a looong time! :D
Tekkit <3 2x.
Tekkit furevur.
I agree with ROK99. I was gonna try it again the other day until i learned about the reset.
I'm on, and it's AWESOME!!
And I have almost no lag!
how do you get the texture pack download I would like to have it

Downloads are under the videos.
I highly recommend Tekkit. It makes Minecraft a lot more interesting. It will take a while to get started, and thats a bit discouraging, but if you perservere through it, you will have a fantastic experience I gurantee you will enjoy. If you need any help getting started, I am on there often and am always happy to help out new players. I was on the second day the server started, and its been really fun to watch it grow. Once again, I highly reccomend Tekkit! Head over there and give it a try.
too bad there is no Equivalent Exchange or Quarries

too bad there is no Equivalent Exchange or Quarries

There is, but for diplomats only.

too bad there is no Equivalent Exchange or Quarries

Reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist.... I just finished watching the first "season" of it today.
I love this! I have never actually played survival with mods installed, and I get lots of mods :P
I would play, but my launcher won't start, and my computer wont run jar files. :(

I would play, but my launcher won't start, and my computer wont run jar files.

If it cant run jar files, how did it run vanilla minecraft? Tekkit is a .exe just like minecraft.
My teleport pipes won't connect... What can I do??