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MuttsWorld Survival Download

MuttsWorld Survival Map Aug 2011-Aug 2013 Download


Its big, and youll need winrar, or something capable of opening a gzipped tar archive.


Yeah! Been waiting for this

Well, I downloaded and installed it.  It seems to be a hybrid of a reasonably up-to-date map and one from many months ago.  Huge parts of builds are missing in unlikely ways, like the front half of this dragonfly's face.  Note that the lava does not fall.  Interesting.  Nice try, though.  I'll try downloading and installing it again.

It looks like I'm only getting partial downloads.  I'll keep trying.

So far, the Survival  "one point eight" map download is incomplete.

7 zip works to and been waiting cant wait

ill have to do this tomorrow cant get it right now lol

Finally got the full file.  It's complete.  Lifts and warps don't work, of course.  But it's all here... and it's all mine!  All mine!  Hahahahahahaha!  Hah.  Huh.




So alone.

Downloaded (finally) unzipped and put into my single player folder all good. It nice that muttsworld offer this to its players. Especially since many people have put many hours into there own projects. I may not have always agreed with your decisions mumble, but you can run a good server and I hope many new and old players will make the new world even better. Thanks.

p.s now I can finally rummage through other peoples chests :D you people sure had a ton of diamonds. might collect it all and make a diamond palace.


pls upload this in torrent! thanks!

I've downloaded the map to play on the Oculus RIft as there is rift supports up to 1.6.2. It looks amazing and its great to actually feel like you are actually present in survival.


A few things. I'm currently at spawn and can't remember where it was actually located on the in reference to everything else so without wanting to spend the next 20 years searching for my old house is there anyway to download to overview web map?



or can you let me know the X Y Z coordinates of my /home?

or can you let me know the X Y Z coordinates of my /home?


The downloaded .zip includes a folder containing every past player's data file. It will look like 'yourname.dat'. Just dig through this folder to find your own, and copy it over with the rest of the map. When you load up the map it should put you back at whatever location you last were when this map was in use, and any inventory items you had on you will be there as well. Hope this helped.

Thanks FVQU. I did that, but I was at spawn blowing it up when we closed the map. I've spawned there, not at home. :) I'll keep looking.

Perhaps if you remember where spawn was in relation to the rest of the map? South I think?

or do you know the location of copper5?

Wait, I've found myself. 3399, 61 ,3610. Amazing to be home with the Oculus Rift.

I've started using 'Single Player Commands' https://tinyurl.com/ksyhvuh  for flying around and tele-porting about on the old map. I've found some really good stuff that I would like to start to share, like the amazing town of Phetoria at -1364 68 274, or the 2011 spawn site at 3399 61 3610.


In the interest of keeping the old map alive and for those who have downloaded the map and want to get about, please can you share you finds here? I'd love to know where the 2012 spawn is, the Starship Enterprise and not forgetting a massive stargate or two.


Perhaps we could start a new topic? 'The Muttsworld Historical Society'! 


I look forward to seeing some locations, even if it just your old house.

I miss this map the new one is terrible..

I miss this map the new one is terrible..

So build shit and make it less terrible?

Does the download link not work anymore or is it just me? :(

Can someone PLEASE make a tutorial on how to download the map I have tried already but haven't figured how to do it Please tell me :(


P.S. if anyone finds a town on a lake and there's a house with my name on it pleases tell me the cords.  

The link doesn't work for me. The webpage is unavailable for me. Can you send me a working link?




Can you post a new working link? I want to show my gf how big of a nerd I used to be

Is there any chance anyone still has this map DL since the link doesnt work?

Yah... It has got to be somewhere.. Anyone still got a copy of this :)