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Hello I am Surv, I have been on Mutts for a few months and I know the rules. I am generally a great person in real life and I like to help others out, in real life and in game. My main hobbies are going on mutts, singing, and drawing. Mutts is my favorite server asside from the others I have, I have been staff on other servers so I have experience. If you have any other questions, I'm usually on creative.
I'm looking to apply for creative staff and start with being an ambassador, I don't want to start out too fast. All the members on Mutta are amazing people, honestly they are my family. I would love the opportunity to become part of this family by applying to staff, this amazing community needs support and protection.
To help Mutts, I will watch the chat and provide the server with a comfortable and safe environment, although I may not be a professional, I believe that I'll still be able to help. I have encountered many situations and have been able to deal with them, trying not to cause drama. When players ask questions I try to help them out even if staff are on. I will be patient when applying making sure I don't provoke the staff; provoking the staff causes them to either be annoyed or for another player to start drama. In other terms, sometimes I might not be online but I'msusually online most of the time.
Thank you for listening, applying for staff is really important to me and I hope you consider all of these statements. It's my job to help out the server even if I'm not staff; I won't be all dramatic or anything if this doesn't get accepted.



Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 48
Teamspeak: No