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Mk um......... Yeah I know this is a horrible start and kinda cheesy but I want to apply for staff on Creative. I think I applied about 3 million years ago (Not literally, but a long time ago) which is probably a few years ago, and as I've played Muttsworld, I always waited for the day I would become staff, with my friends. Over time, I realised I would not get staff, but instead saw other friends, old and new, getting to ambassador, community staff and even moderators, while I sadly looked at my title: Diplomat. Sure, I have cool perks and all, but it would be nice to be recognized as staff, not just a simple jokester who has a more-advanced freebuilder rank. I always try to help people, and I'm usually the first one to type and enter the response to their questions. Sometimes I just don't do it at all, since I've lost the motivation to become staff. I regained my old enthusiasm, though, and am once again applying for staff; a fresh, new, up-to-date application of my current terrible humor and `useful` help. Some people might think being staff means you can't joke around. I can get around that just fine, being some-what funny and all, and I could be staff, helping people with jokes and actual information. But I doubt that even this new application will get seen, much less approved to be staff. What can I say, though? I don't really mind anymore. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: Yes
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 36
Teamspeak: No


Sounds like a good application, dawg, Good luck my man