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Wilt15 (William Tennyson)

Hello, my name is William Tennyson and many of you may know me as "Wilt15". When I was young, I always wanted to become a Staff member on Muttsworld, but I never got accepted for the reason of not being mature enough. Now, I am 16, and I believe I'm ready to take on a staff position on Muttsworld. I think I'm more capable of being staff then I was at a younger age. The highest staff position I have ever obtained is Admin, Developer, Mod, and Builder. If you would like the list of the servers please don't hesitate to ask. In my years of being staff on many servers, I have obtained experience that will be hard to find elsewhere. I have dealt with multiple arguments involving combat rage, hackers, and more. I have also in my time as staff dealt with chat spammers, foul language, and other stuff that are very disliked on a Minecraft server. I will be available when you desire. I mostly show up on the weekends as well as most of the weekdays. As this concludes my staff application, I do appreciate all the time you took to check this staff application.


‚Äč- Wilt15

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: Yes
Age: 16-18
Months of MuttsWorld: 60
Teamspeak: Yes


Good Luck! Great application~