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I’ve been thinking for a long time about becoming a staff member of muttsworld-mine. I’ve been playing on this server for over three years and have made a lot of friends on it. At some point I pondered to myself about something: Should I become a staff member? Well, now that I have grown, and have become more mature, I think I am ready to be an ambassador of muttsworld-mine creative. The first reason I think I am ready is because I have a lot of social experience. For starters, I am an outgoing person, and am not shy to communicate with others. No matter who the person is, I always make sure I treat them with respect, and make sure they feel good around me. When needed, I can break up arguments and resolve the problem. For instance, If one player is angry about something another player did, I like to be able to listen to both perspectives and make sure everybody is feeling good when they leave the conversation. This is something that in my state of mind, is important both in real life, and in this scenario, on Minecraft. Now, changing direction, I have leadership skills, and can do good things for a group I might be working in. Concerning this, I was working on a research project in school, and was portrayed as a leader. My group got a little off topic, but I guided them back to the topic, and we were able to squeeze much needed information into our notebooks. Especially with the fact I am applying for ambassador, leadership skills are crucial, and in a way are the foundation of the ability to be one. As a final point, the main reason I want to be an ambassador is because I think with a person like me in the community, this whole server will benefit and become a better place, and essentially, that is what I am aiming for.

Diplomat: Used to be
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 46
Teamspeak: No