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My name is Shaun, but you probably know me as Weedot. I am 19 years old, turning 20 in November, and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have been playing on Muttsworld for around 5 years, making it a huge part of my life. My main goal currently on Muttsworld Survival is to help others, specifically new comers. I have dedicated most of my resources to helping people, by creating all of my warps, giving away free gear and supplies, and much more. I believe becoming a part of Muttsworld’s incredible staff will help me further my journey of helping people. As far as my past record is concerned, I have been banned from MuttsWorlds once for X-ray which I sincerely regret as I made a mistake but I want to move past that and help the server as much as I can by giving, rather than focusing on my mistakes I want to stride into the future, I only used X-ray and deleted my client but that gives me the extra knowledge of hacked clients to recognise hackers of any kind, I can see,recognise and name any hack so I will be an exceptional addition to the team. I see why me hacking before may be a downfall in my application but I have not hacked since and it gives me that knowledge of recognising hackers when I see one and I hope you can see past my mistakes. I am proud to say I have never griefed, or purposefully violated any of the Muttsworld rules (apart form X-ray once), and I never plan on doing so in the future from now on. I can use TeamSpeak, discord and the Muttsworld forums, but most often I use Discord, you can reach me at Weedot#0570, or my Email at [/Shaunhorsburgh@outlook.com].
Thank you for reading my application and I hope you have an exceptional day :).





Diplomat: NO
Vote: No
Age: 18-24
Months of MuttsWorld: 60
Teamspeak: Yes