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My name is Jayda, i have been on this server for about 3 years now, though i sometimes ghost for awhile because of some personal medical issues. I have made many friends on here, i even have made 2 best friends, one was named Eva, and even though she doesn't play anymore, we still talk. The other best friend that i made on this server was NomNom123, who is now scaryl. Me and him became friends when i first joined this server. I am more than excited to see how this server grows in the future, and i would like more than anything to help it grow. I have wanted to become staff on this server for so long, i wish to help this server become larger than anyone would have ever thought. I feel that i would be a good choice for staff on Mutts, because of my friendly personality, and understanding heart. I can be a little goofy and silly at times, but when something is wrong, i will try my best to fix it. If i become staff, i will make sure to try my best on everything that i do. I will help as many people as i can, and make sure that mutts stays fun and safe for everybody. No bullying, no cussing, and no hacking. The bullying is a personal issue that i will not allow to happen to other people. It is horrible. Thank you for reading this, and i hope more than anything that you choose me to become staff. I promise i wont let you down.

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: Yes
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 36
Teamspeak: Yes