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Hello Everyone


Were do i start. Well my name is Eddie, my old minecraft name was eddieedney then I changed it to Stirling_STG.
Ive been playing minecraft from day one in alpha . I have always enjoyed the game. In the pass ive helped run quite a few minecraft servers from vilnilla to modded (don't Forget Pixelmon!! ).
At the moment, ive got my clans Sevtech Server running STG (small-Time-Gaming). My own creative server were I make all kinds of redstone machine and really nice looking builds. I have a 10year son, were in the weekends we both sit together and play on our own father and son modded server with trains!!!. I've always had servers for arma 2 dayz, ark, arma 3, dayz standalone, space engineers ete. I own my very own server and computer company which we help fix build and progamme computers and server. I have 22 years of experience in fixing and progamming computers and server. My typing skills are sometimes hard for me as I am dyslexic but this doesnt stop me in doing what I enjoy in life.
I joined muttsworld years ago. Enjoyed the friendly people on it, this is why ive stayed around. must off been around 3 maybe 4 years ago when I first joined muttsworld.


Thank you for having a lovely server full of friendly players. I hope I can contribute my progamming and building skills and share my builds with like minded people in the near future


Eddie (Stirling_STG)

Diplomat: NO
Vote: Yes
Age: 24+
Months of MuttsWorld: 29
Teamspeak: Yes