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Hello, my name is Rae.I am 17 years old. I haven't been on the server for long, but I've had a great experience so far. I'd love to help out with the community best I can, due to the fact that I cannot donate. For Teamspeak, I can use it, I just choose not to; I like using Discord more. Not sure what else to put in these types of applications.
I hope to help you guys soon!

Diplomat: NO
Vote: Yes
Age: 16-18
Months of MuttsWorld: 1
Teamspeak: No


Hi there! If you aren't sure what to put on your application, check this handy link out! It'll tell you all you need to know about applying for staff on MuttsWorld. Read through it a couple of times and digest it. It really is helpful! I'll also give you some pointers;


I suggest telling us why you would make a valuable staff member. What can you do, or what do you have to offer that other staff members don't have? How can you make a difference on the server?


Good luck,