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My name is Morgan, but you probably know me as Quadro. I am 14 years old, turning 15 in February, and I live in Minnesota, USA. I have been playing on Muttsworld for around 7 years, since 2011 (approximately 84 months), making it a huge part of my life. My main goal currently on Muttsworld Survival is to help others, specifically new comers. I have dedicated most of my resources to helping people, by creating all of my warps, giving away free gear and supplies, and much more. I believe becoming a part of Muttsworld’s incredible staff will help me further my journey of helping people. As far as my past record is concerned, I have not been banned from any server, for any reason besides jokingly. I am proud to say I have never griefed, or purposefully violated any of the Muttsworld rules, and I never plan on doing so. I can use TeamSpeak, and I am on Plug.DJ and the Muttsworld forums, but most often I use Discord, you can reach me at Quadro#0589, or my Email at awesowe123@gmail.com.
Thank you for reading my application.





Diplomat: Used to be
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 84
Teamspeak: Yes


Great application dude. Could you specify what server you are applying for?

Great app, your definitely a friend to the community :D

(Google Doc Version Of Application: https://docs.google....it?usp=sharing)

Essay For Creative Amassador:

My name is Morgan, but you probably know me as Quadro. I recently turned 15, as of February 21st. I currently live in the snowy U.S state of Minnesota, where temperatures have been reaching -30 (Celsius) but I love the cold! I have been playing on MuttsWorld Minecraft for many many years, starting back in early 2011, late 2010 (approximately 90 months). The Creative server was the first thing I had ever played on Muttsworld. Back when plots were 25x25 I thought it was the best thing in the world to log onto a game and play with all my friends, and 9 years later I still do. Over the past month or so I have been continuously playing more and more creative, rediscovering what I’ve missed.


I am currently senior ambassador on the Survival server on Muttsworld, and I have been staff for a few months now and it has been some of the greatest months on Muttsworld I've experienced in a while. I enjoyed helping people so much on the Survival server, and with my increasing activity on the Creative server, it only made sense to apply for ambassador on it. As for experience, as I said before, creative was the first server I played on back in 2011, and I have been active on creative on and off since then. I have been playing significantly more on creative, as well as trying to balance out my time on it with Survival. I do know the Creative commands by heart. I have experience building and on design, and although I am not the greatest builder, I would be willing to help with any projects that I am needed for on Creative. I am able to use TeamSpeak and Plug.DJ, but I am extremely active on Discord (@Quadro#0589), and Gmail,


Thank you for reading my application.






(Google Docs Version: https://docs.google....it?usp=sharing)

Hello! My name is Morgan, but you know me as Quadro! I have various hobbies, most of which involving animals and science, I have two lizards, two turtles, and a puppy named Loki. I have been playing Minecraft since 2010, I joined Muttsworld in late 2010, early 2011, and I've been regularly active on the Survival server for a little under two years.

I have been apart of the Muttsworld staff for almost exactly four months now, starting off as a Survival ambassador, and only a few days ago I joined the incredible Creative ambassador team, and a Survival senior ambassador for about 2 weeks now. Recently, with Sketsi stepping down, and an increase of players, I figured now would be a better time than ever to apply for Survival moderator! As a current ambassador, I believe the key component to being apart of staff, is helping a player in any means necessary. I play Muttsworld for many hours a day, and the most common modreq on Survival is assistance on Lockette signs, and griefings, which are both issues ambassadors usually don't get the opportunity to help with. I believe becoming a Survival moderator can enable me to complete these Modreqs, and allow me to help more players, more often.

I am able to use TeamSpeak, and Plug.DJ, but I am extremely active on Discord (@Quadro#0589), and Gmail,


Thank you for reading my application!