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im a nice guy that helps people and used to be a greifer but toboien brought me to justice and i was banned for 7 days and those 7 days i thought to myself and as soon as i saw this i wanted to pay for my grief and help people out as a survival staff member and i hope i get my pc back from a virus
and thanks


Age: <10
Months of MuttsWorld: 3
Teamspeak: No


We normally like our staff members to be older.My advice would be to just stick to enjoying the server as a normal player.
Wasnt this player previously banned too :/
Yes ma'am, from Toboein
Yes, I did ban him and hes been unbanned and is behaving so far. I'm glad you'd like to help out the community now, but Chaos's advice is solid. Just enjoy the game for now!
ok im still happy that im on muttsworld but thanks for replying :)
anyway my comupter crashed and is shutdown and i SUCK and the mac controls
lucky for me my dad can repair stuff like sattalites pcs macks and other divices like that
so im still happy and im also a pro kid magicton(how ever you spell it :/) so im happy in
my home
oh yeah and in a few years im going to ask again
so i have a future plan
agai thanks for answering :)
onemore thing,how old do i have to be?
just want to know becouse i dont want to wait a very long time because i might loose
intrest in the game (i lost intrest in club penguin,ds and roblox so i hope i become a staff soon
still thanks :) )
(Please try to edit your posts as it resolves the issue with forum spam)

Server moderators should be around the 17+ range. 18 and over preferably.
Ambassadors have a more lenient age requirement, as long as they can show that they're mature about things.
sorry :l