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Name: Karavala (MC Name)

Age: 26

Which server(s) are you applying for? Survival

Which position you're applying for? Mod

How long have you been a part of the server/forums? Going on a couple months now

Have you had any experience as staff on other servers? I created my own server a couple times, does that count? Although, what with tekkit being glitchy last time I was running it, I gave it up and came here with a few other friends/ guild mates from a mmorpg gamer community. I've also been guild leader/ officer for quite a long time in other games servers. My guild has representation of about 8 of our members here, including Liquidrock.

Are you familiar with some of the server plug-ins staff members use? Mostly ones involved with technic and tekkit launchers, lockette, warpz0r (though I could use a cheat sheet for command list on this one) I would be willing to learn what is necessary if I don't know it already.

Why do you think you should be a moderator/ambassador on this server? Well, there seems to be a huge need for more staff atm (or there was), I'm pretty patient, and can't resist helping others (generally). I'm on at all sorts of times, have experience with my own server, I'm a problem solver and love using google to figure things out if I can't figure it out on my own. And, I was told I should. Trezi thinks I should do the tutorial video after she saw some of my structures, however the program needed to record my desktop refuses to work properly. Perhaps, I will attempt again in the future.

[Yes/No] You use the following services that other community members use:
-Forums: Yes, but I'm a reader more than a poster. If I don't have something useful to add I generally don't post.

-Irc: Yes, I can and have but haven't much.

-TeamSpeak: Yes, more so than the other options

Any other information you would like to share with us: Um, sure... I've had alot happen in my life recently. (since May of this year) I just graduated University, planned my wedding, got married, went on honeymoon, had a birthday, and job searching while still working as a waitress. =D I am playing on the survival server with 8 of my guildmates, one of whom is a Mod and has been part of this server for a year~ish, he is the one who introduced me to muttsworld. So, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I've never been a guild hopper, and I really like to 'build up' in a game instead of moving form new game to new game over and over. I'm not going anywhere. Please, feel ree to contact me if you have any questions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Relevant responses to my former application quoted below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

L2D could use more Ambassadors . We can talk when things start picking back up ( after the plugins are updated )

Bybloss has made me an Ambassador. I've been playing on both servers. The l2d players are more closely playing together than on survival (due to how the server is setup) so they have had more interaction with me 'face to face'.


I literally watched as Kara sat there and taught a total newb all the ins and outs of Minecraft. She even loaned him her house and spare chests.

In my recent memory she's spent multiple hours of her life teaching at least three people, whom were completely new to minecraft, everything they needed to know to survive and thrive. She would make a great ambassador and/or mod.

I have seen her and I would like to see this happen. She is a great player. +1

Every interaction I've had with Karavala has been positive. She's a great player and would make great staff.


No offense meant if I didn't quote your post made on my previous application.

Age: 24+
Months of MuttsWorld: 2
Teamspeak: Yes


Karavala has been both an Ambassador and Moderator on the L2D server for some time, and has performed her duties capably and responsibly throughout. She never hesitates to help a player in need, new or old, and ensures that modreqs are taken care of in a timely and courteous fashion. There are few I would recommend for a Moderator position on the Survival server, given its large player base and sometimes-hectic environment, but I feel that she would be able to put her frequent availability, strong reasoning skills, and player friendliness to better use in a more challenging setting.

Good luck, Karavala. You have my support.
I've never seen you on the survival server. Timezones maybe. /me shrugs
When I was made mod here on l2d I dedicated most of my time here. Now, that school is back in session and all servers slow down during the week, I would like to put more time back into my original server, survival. I believe I will be able to comfortably handle and contribute to both servers given that l2d is only a 25 player cap. I also believe this will be made possible by my fellow mods on l2d being capable and competent themselves in handling our player cap when I am not online on l2d. Our modreqs are quickly taken care of given any given day as long as they are requests that mods on l2d can help with. I am expressing interest due to the advertisement that survival is looking for more staff. As for my presence on survival, as non staff there I do not talk in chat much and players are spread out all over the map so many players go unnoticed. I have quite an established territory and built up area. My time there has been less frequent in recent months during the summer due to spending most of my time on l2d.