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Hello, I am Abbi. I love Mutt's World, and its community. I have been playing on Mutt's now for about 2 years. I am applying for Ambassador on survival. However if you need me else where, I am happy to go. I play on the server about 2 hours a day, and if I am not online, I am at work. I work at a local fast food place called Culvers's. If you ever have the oppertunity to eat there, you have to try our cheese curds. It is a family oriented restruant, everyone I work with is like family. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them, I am a team player and I love working with others.


I once was a factions leader on a different server (not owner, but 2nd in rank). I was in charge or making sure our players had everything they needed to be successful in our faction. Whether that be armour or the discord link. I am a fast learner and I can adapt to any situation. I often have to multitask and work under pressure. I'm cool as a cucumber B) under pressure. I am quick on me feet and not afraid to make decisions. I hope to become a part of the Mutt's World staff. Thanks for your time!


~Abbi (iLoveMusic9753)

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 18-24
Months of MuttsWorld: 22
Teamspeak: Yes


Please dont make duplicate applications. Edit your previous one.

Here is the application guide https://www.muttswor...f-position-r346

:excerpt from applications guide:

How many applications should I make? APPLY ONLY ONCE. Multiple applications are unnecessary. The applications stay live until we reach out to you directly to let you know whether or not you were selected. If you don't hear from a server admin, it means we have not yet made a decision. BE PATIENT. If you must add to your application, find your original application post and either edit it, or reply to it. 
I apologize, I was told by a NetAdmin that I could create a new thread for a new application because my first ones there we a lot of replies. So I just created a new one, sorry. 😞
If the netadmin said to start a new one I understand. It's not necessarily a problem of a new one though, it's that you posted it 4 times.
I'm not really sure why it did that. I clicked it once and when it loaded it was there 4 times. I'm sorry

Do I still have a chance? Or am I forever shamed?

Just be patient. If you don't hear from us it means we haven't decided yet.

Thank you Ross, I just wanted to make sure I didn't/don't ruin any chances I have.