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Not really the best at these things so here goes.


To start off I'd like to apply for Survival Ambassador


I started playing Minecraft during the beta phase, when everything moved on and went full fledged I continued to play.
Eventually I wanted to play multiplayer and after some searching I found Muttsworld. I started playing on Mutts sometime
in 2011 I believe an it was the only Multiplayer server I ever played on back then and the server seemed to always be full.
Over my more than a year playing I was extremely active and even brought a dozen or so friends onto the server to play with me.
In time the issue of the server being full made it difficult for us all to get on, inspired solely by Mutts and driven by curiosity I decided to
start my own server for my 15+ family and friends and that's where I stayed for a while occasionally popping into mutts to see the changes
that were taking place over the years. To this day my personal server still runs but the player base died off leaving me to play solo 99.9%
of the time. So seeing as mutts still had a warm and inviting community I decided to come back full time..


I typically log in 5-6 days a week for anywhere from an hour to 9+ hours. I do my best to vote daily and if I cant get to my pc
I still vote on the 2 sites that accept mobile voting. Currently I work swing shifts 12Hrs so on my night shifts I spend the majority
of my time playing online usually on mutts. There are several nights that I'm the last player still logged into the server.


Some pros-
I'm Active online
I try to help other players anyway I can
I keep Discord on my phone, as well as anytime I'm on my pc its open.


(Not so much Ambassador related)
From my experience running a server I'm very familiar with many plugins
(Ex.) World Edit, World Guard, World Border, Commandbook, Playerheads, Lockette, LuckPerms to name a few.


If staff would like to see for themselves id be happy to share.


Some Cons-
Really the only con I can think of is that being 29 with a wife and kids I cant always be online as they come first in my life.


I hope you enjoyed my long winded application. Keep on mining :)

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: Yes
Age: 24+
Months of MuttsWorld: 72
Teamspeak: No


Good app dude!

Many Thanks :)

Very nice application!

Thank you

Best of luck, would like to see you on our team.

Thank you Sikur, I appreciate that. :)