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Did you vote today?

Did you know we depend on your votes? Please Vote! http://goo.gl/RsLpq Vote Often!

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I can use discord tho: CEOofDadJokes#4761


Other Important things:


Biggest Strengths & Weaknesses
biggest strength: I, most of the time, have a lot of enthusiasm. I also have patience so I can be patient with players. Dedication and commitment are more big ones for me because I will be dedicated to the time I spend on Mutts and I will be committed to my job as a staff member.

biggest weakness: When people start hating me for muting someone (from past experience), or something else, I feel stressed and I kind of shut down. I log off and do something else until I’m not stressed out. I sometimes lack confidence. It can be difficult for me to maintain a healthy work/life balance and by this I mean I can spend too much time on the server and not work on things i need to get done in real life.

Why I should be promoted to Moderator

I know the rules well. I will also interact more with people in global chat and help new players if needed and/or when I get a chance . I am commonly told by my peers that I am a friendly person and I am very helpful. I want to be there when something bad could happen in the future and i want to help with situations like that.

Diplomat: NO
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 51
Teamspeak: No