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I am CanadianCreator and I am applying for ambassador for survival. My Muttsworld saga began when I first joined in the year 2012. This was my first server that I ever joined, and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect from the world of online minecraft. The staff at muttsworld were extremely welcoming, engaging, and helpful in my early years here. After a long time as a consistent member of mutts the staff continued to create such a friendly and creative environment to the point where I have never been dissatisfied or looked for a change in server. Unfortunately during highschool I ended up quitting minecraft for a few years due to being involved in professional sports (USA National Team with soccer) taking up too much of my time. After moving away to college, I began to think of some of my childhood (homesick college kid problems haha) and it made me recall the great times on Mutts that I had experienced, so I decided to rejoin last summer. Although minecraft is quite different now, Muttsworld is still the same loving server as it was and I would love to help continue to create the same environment that made me fall in love with this server when I first joined and to be one of the players that I looked up to in my past.


Reasons that I think that I should become ambassador: I am an extremely reasonable and level headed individual. I enjoy to create relationships with fellow players and am always down for a good laugh. I believe in fair decisions that benefit the wide majority of players. For example, if someone is lowering the quality of experience and gameplay for others on the server than they should be dealt with in a swift , yet , fair punishment. This punishment could range from being a warning, a muting, or to be reported to a higher power such as Mod or Admin. Also, I do not believe that there is a west coast ambassador that is active because I am on till midnight every single day and there is usually no staff present. I am extremely active and log an average of 8 hours a day. I would be very grateful to fill this role and to also help this server rise up to the top!!! :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 18-24
Months of MuttsWorld: 40
Teamspeak: Yes


Pretty good application, good luck! :)

awesome app :)