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Hello. My name is Kyle. I'm a Scottish actor, singer/songwriter and composer, but I live on the United States east coast. I am homeschooled. I'm applying because I recognize that there must be some place in this vast expanse universe of the internet where young gamers can be safe. I think that there are too many perverted people on the internet. So much so that young kids are starting to fall into trouble and make terrible life decisions, being influenced by the wrong people. I like to help people out a lot. It makes me happy, but sometimes there are certain circumstances that I just feel like I can't help someone or that I'm just in a bad mood. When this happens, I try to calm myself. I understand that some people can be sensitive so I won't joke about anything that could be sensitive or vulgar. I typically take a few moments to step back, breathe, and think strategically about the situation. If faced with someone who is taking it much too far, I will warn them. I'll ask them to stop doing whatever the wrong thing might be, and if they continue, I'll warn them. If they even still continue to do it, I'll ask for help from a figure of authority. I try to learn from people that I can look up to. I see how they act and treat other people, and I learn from any mistakes that might be made. I try to be careful when talking to people, so as not to offend or hurt them. I care for people, and I love everyone. Even the wrongdoers. I am generally quick-thinking on my feet, but if a difficult puzzle or task is at hand I will need to take a minute to think about it. I am a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, which is the auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Their mission is Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Service. Both of my best friends are Boy Scouts and they talk to me and teach me about survival, manners, and other skills. I attended an activity called "Encampment" in June of 2017, which is a requirement you must have in order to become an officer in Civil Air Patrol. They made us do physical exercise, teamwork strength activities, mental puzzles and memory work, to name a few things. I pay close attention to detail.


I would like to apply for Survival, but anywhere you need me is where I'll go. I am usually playing Minecraft at evening times between 7-10 p.m. but some days like Tuesday I can't unless my scheduled events are cancelled. Other days like Wednesday or Friday I won't be able to until later like 9 p.m. I get off around 10-11 p.m. because I have schoolwork to do in the mornings. My Discord is MonstersAndMen#7828 and I will be changing my Minecraft username to OfMonstersAndMen. Thank you for reading this!

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 2
Teamspeak: No