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Why I stand out


I would like to start by saying, I am believe I am unique from other players on the server or even ones applying because I have a wide variety of skills I have obtained over the years. I have founded eight servers from the year of 2014, I have staffed on 20 + servers, all with a hefty player base. I am familiar with survival servers first of all and I have worked with anti grief plugins such as Core Inspect, Lockette, and grief prevention, I am active daily and I have donated a good sum to the server, I have bought Diplomat for 5 players not including myself. I am always happy to help out and I do take my job seriously. I have discord and am able to communicate 24/7.


My Qualities


I always use proper grammar and I treat every player fairly! I am very familiar with the kick/mute/ban system, I am always good about giving players a chance, always addressing the issue with a first VERBAL warning. if any issue were to persist I would take the necessary action to handle any player in the correct manner. I am not shy and I am not afraid to take on any obstacle that is thrown my way! I have no issue contacting the higher staff members to take care of bigger issues. I know most of the player base very well, and I have a pretty good reputation as well. I also am a great fit because I can easily fit in to any group of people and I have no issue being insulted or talked down to, as I said I have the courage to try and solve any issue. I believe I would also be a great fit because I play actively, I am on balance top 2 and I am always up to play around and share with the players, I do not do this to try and look good, it's just who I am, give a little get a little you know?


Other Information


I believe I have covered everything I needed to to prove myself worthy of obtaining a staff position, I am also aware this is a voluntary job and a choice to be a member of the staff team. to conclude this application, I am a senior in high school, my real name is Tyler and I am 18 and am active everyday for at least 20 minutes, but its usually hours at a time. Anyways if you have anymore questions or information I should have included feel free to let me know, thanks for taking the time to read my application, and good luck to any other applicants! DISCORD: Annotation#7294


Yours truly - Annotation

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 18-24
Months of MuttsWorld: 60
Teamspeak: Yes