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My in-game name is xElement, I am applying for ambassador on kitpvp.
I have been playing mutts world from around the beginning of 2013, I have previous experience of being ambassador since I am one on creative, I am aware of the commands to mute and all the other necessary things, but I know commands aren't all about kitpvp. I know that it requires a certain level of maturity to be able to deal with people who cannot handle being killed and so on.


I am also community staff on creative which can be a bit chaotic at times but it is a great job to have, I love helping out most of the time.


I find myself being able to deal with players who are rude to me and I can sort it out with them without being provoking. I've dealt with hackers in the past and know what to do and how to help the situation which is first, calm down the players, secondly I'd warn the hacker to switch of the hack client(s) and if he/she fails to do so, I would get a mod or admin to deal with the hacker. I have been playing kitpvp for a long time and know how things work so I'd also help new or unsure players with getting started and or doing a command or getting a kit.


A bit about myself... I am 14 and I have a lot of friends that are really lovely and caring, xP there isn't much else to mention. I hope that I can have a chance to get ambassador, actions are stronger than words.



Diplomat: Yes
Vote: No
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 36
Teamspeak: Yes