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Hello, I'm Mountain Doot.


I'm applying for the position of Ambassador on Left2Die.


I'm applying to the Community Support forum since there isn't a L2D forum to apply to. I have held Ambassador several times before on L2D, therefore I am experienced and I know each command associated with the title. However, I'll need some catching up on the new McMMO commands and such (I'm a fast learner, so no worries).


I am very, very active (on almost every day) and I have been with Mutts for a good while.


The reason I'm applying is because I feel the current staff aren't active enough on Left2Die, spare 2 or 3 of course. There was an incident not long ago where a player was using foul language, bypassing the censor, and being extremely rude to other players. It could've been solved with a mute of course, but low and behold, there was no staff online. Fortunately, the player left, but the incident could've been avoided entirely if there had been a staff member there to deal with it.


I am ready for the task. I'm prepared to take on this job. My name is Mountain Doot, and I thank you for taking the time to read my application.


See you on L2D!

Diplomat: Yes
Vote: Yes
Age: 16-18
Months of MuttsWorld: 36
Teamspeak: Yes


Good luck!