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Lachlan B (_LACH_

Hi Im Lachie,
I'm from Australia and i would like to sign up for L2D (no l2d apply so i'm doing it here) Moderator or Helper. I used to be a very frequent L2D player and i started playing on MuttsWorld a couple weeks after L2D launch, i played for a couple months (like 5) then i got depression and quit Minecraft. now that im back i only remember 2 servers. Muttsworld is one of them. Id like to apply for moderator/Helper Because of the people who don't understand the game and need help. i want it so people will listen to me and be certain about what they are doing instead of being 2 sided when a normal ranked player talks to them. I love playing Minecraft and i devote most my free time to it, I'm 14 years old, i refrain from profanity and can keep calm in situations. what im not good with dealing with is stress and time management. Im not that great with grammar but i can touch type with ok spelling accuracy. i can code but only in C++ (mainly Arduino robot scripts) and im learning to code 8 bit games.
Well thank you for your time Muttsworld!

Diplomat: NO
Vote: Yes
Age: 10-16
Months of MuttsWorld: 25
Teamspeak: No


Nice application! I would try reading this, https://www.muttswor...f-position-r346 , and maybe re-apply in the comments? Also, You have to apply for Ambassador before you can get Moderator. Okie, I'm out .3.!