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Hello there, my name is Ariigato, but you can just call me Arii for short. Now I am quite new to the new Muttsworld, but I used to be much more active on ther server a few years back. I have changed my ign a good many times, so most if not all of you will have never heard of me before. I have recently decided, along with one of my friends who used to be more active on Muttsworld (Rokmunster), to continue to play Minecraft after going on a break for about a year. I would like to apply to be a Builder, but also a Moderator. Now I realize that those are large positions for me to fill and it is quite reckless of me to attempt to jump to a high position since I haven't been a main player, but I can assure you all that I will o my best to be as active as I can. I do have a good bit of experience on a few servers, one much larger than the other. While the small server never really was able to get itself onto its feet, I was able to become a Builder/Chat Monitor on there. In addition, I was able to be promoted from Moderator to Administrator on the large server, but I later resigned when I took a break from Minecraft. I have had quite a large amount of experience, whether it be beneficial or detrimental is a decision left unto you all, with rude and toxic players, but I have been known to be able to keep a moderate control over those situations and handle them maturely. If you on staff would like to know more about the larger server and the role I played on it, please feel free to message me. Now I realize you may have noticed that I have been using an extensive vocabulary, but you had asked in your rubric what makes me different and that's one of my quirks as a player or as a staff. I am able to differentiate between a serious situation and a playful situation. You also asked how I would specifically handle a rude player. First I would attempt to speak with the player, maturely yet straying from being patronizing, then if the situation goes downhill and the player continues to be rude and unruly, I will follow the staff guidelines, whether those mean that I should mute, kick, or ban the player, and then follow up with a report of the situation in the Teamspeak, if that is how your staff team functions. If not, then I would do my best to stick to any guidelines that are given to me. I'd like to thank any one who gives time to read through my application.


Sincerely~ Arii

Diplomat: NO
Vote: No
Age: 16-18
Months of MuttsWorld: 1
Teamspeak: Yes