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Population Density (Villages/region Posts)

Population Density automatically assigns wilderness starting areas for new players.

Basic commands:

/Village -Where you first start off. This will be your home region.
/MoveIn -Sets your home region.
/HomeRegion -Teleports you to your /village.
/WhichRegion -Tells you which region you are in.
/InviteToRegion -Invites a player to teleport to your village.
/AcceptRegionInvite -Accepts the above invitation.
/VisitRegion -Teleports you to the region you specify.
/RandomRegion -Teleports you to a random region.

Advanced Info:

Population Density is used to spread players throughout the server. Every few hours the "newestregion" is scanned for playermade blocks. Upon finding a threshold of blocks the region is moved to the next area. Areas are defined as 400x400 block areas with a region post in the center. They spiral outwards from the center of the map. New players typing /village are placed in the "newestregion". This is now their "village" or "homeregion"