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PlotMe is the central building plugin on the MuttsWorld Creative server. Plots on the creative server are 50x50 and allowing Freebuilders to claim up to 2 plots and Diplomats up to 5 plots. Extra plots are also available for purchase in the store http://www.muttsworl...3-3-more-plots/

Basic Commands:

/p auto - automatically claims a plot
/p claim - claims the plot you are standing above
/p clear - clears your plot
/p add <player> - gives a player building permissions on your plot for 150 mums
/p deny <player> - prevents a player from entering your plot
/p remove <player> - removes players building permissions on your plot
/p comment - leaves a comment on the plot you are standing above
/p comments - view comments on your plot or the plot you are standing above

If you need mums vote for the server at http://bit.ly/vote4mw ! Moderators will not ban players for plot grief so please only add players to your plots that you can trust.