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MuttsWorld Minecraft Hardcore Survival Server



This is a Minecraft Survival server for the player that wants the thrill of a more vanilla survival experience.

stats [image] [stats]

Server Rules

No client Modifications especially those related to Xray/Movehacks of any sort

Chat Rules

Spam/Advertising of any sort

Minecraft client "glitches"

Griefing is allowed

No PvP

Do not ask staff for items or ask for mod rank

If you have any issues use /modreq


Some of the Commands available on the Server

Commands Description
/rules See the rules of the server
/chlist list of available chat channels
/ch [alias] to join a chat channel
/who list of players online
/modreq [description] report grief to a moderator, do this at the griefed spot
/check to see if your modreq has been answered
/tell [playername] [msg] Send a private message to another player
/ignore [playername] Stop another player from sending you private messages