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Member Since 20 Dec 2017
Offline Last Active May 06 2019 11:00 PM


20 December 2017 - 11:18 PM

Are you a Diplomat?Diplomat Yes
Vote: Yes

Age: 10-16

Months of MuttsWorld: 60

Teamspeak: No


Hello there. I am here to apply for the role of Ambassador on the survival server. I know I am below the preferred age of 16, I am 14 years old, but I believe that I am mature enough to qualify. If you do select me, I promise to help the Mutts community grow and I would do my best to reduce the amount of problems. Why should you select me, out of all of the other applications? Because I work well with players, I'm polite, I am well known by other players (though I may be known by other usernames), and I know how to handle rude players. I may be quiet sometimes, but I am on the server almost daily, and I try to help anyone with a problem as often as I can. I also enjoy helping, so you would never see me bored while helping someone. I would like this role because I believe that if I am selected for it, I would have the authority to actually do something about a problem or a problematic player, and just for the opportunity to help my favorite server. I do not want this role for "popularity", but to help the Muttsworld community thrive. I really hope you consider my application, and I cant wait to see your answer.

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