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Member Since 10 Oct 2014
Offline Last Active Apr 13 2016 10:51 PM


14 June 2015 - 10:32 PM

Are you a Diplomat? Yes
Vote: Yes

Age: 10-16

Months of MuttsWorld: 8

Teamspeak: Yes


You guys want an essay I will give you an essay lets start out with the easy stuff:
Age: 14
Maturity on a scale of 1 to 10: 8.5 to the point where I can get down to business but still have fun
Time zone: EST +5
Skype: Chickennuggetinc
Am I well aware of the rules: Yes
Do I know my stuff(Commands): Yes
Do I share this account: No
Do I share this computer: No
Am I helpful: Yes
Am I active: Yes


Hours a day I can be on:
Monday: 6
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 6
Thursday: 4
Friday: 7
Saturday: 7
Sunday: 7
Yes this does sound like quite a bit but I don't do very much during the summer, although I wont be available from July 11th to the 18th because I'm going on a trip.

Time on this server: I have played this server for 8 months and it has developed so much! I remember when towny was it's own server, there used to be a tiny spawn with a pool of water underneath it that you could just chill in, when Mattyddub use to play all the time, when you could check your PvP stats from a command, even when me and Creepertk used to be enemies, and when iAfrika used to rule the server! My favorite memory was when MoonPearls took me in and gave me a nice room in there hotel, if I got ambassador I would want to be just like her. But I'm just so amazed at how far the server has come it's incredible, and I want to help the server just keep on progressing into the future.

Now for the more sophisticated stuff:
Experience: I used to own a server for about a year managing about 15 people at a time but I ended up running out of money and could not keep the server going. I have been an Admin multiple times, Head admin a couple times, a helper a bunch of times, a co-owner once, a builder once (which I don't know what the owner was thinking I kinda suck at building that's why I am not applying for a creative ambassador) and a mod a bunch of times. I know this sounds like a lot but I have had minecraft for ages like all the way back in the alpha days when those graphics were considered hd, lol.
Why I want ambassador: I want ambassador because I feel I can help the server out by monitoring chat, answering questions, donating, helping fellow staff members with what ever they need, answering /modreq's, helping people with there commands, getting more people online, I'm also very welcoming every time an old player joins I will welcome them back or if it is a new player I will welcome them and tell them a bit about the server and a few starter commands, and basically whatever else you want me to do just ask me and I will do it. I'm very good with handling situations even under pressure for example:

Spammer: Gets a warning, then a five minute mute, then a kick, then a temp-ban, after that I would let all staff know who was banned, why they were banned, when they were banned, and what they were spamming.Then I would let them decide the necessary actions needed because they are higher up then me.

Hacker (This is for future reference if I get moderator): For now I would let the moderators and admin know if I think someone could be hacking. If I was a moderator these are the steps I would take, they would get a kick with the description, Turn off your hacks immediately or risk being banned, then I would temp-ban them for a day, after that I would let all staff know who was banned, why they were banned, when they were banned, and what kind of hacks they were using. Then they could take the following actions and ban them or unban them or even just let them suffer threw the rest of the temp-ban.
Conclusion: I have just started playing again but I would love to help out the server. I would be extremely happy if you were to accept me or to even just tell me that you are considering me, but I understand if you don't pick me there are a lot of great apps out there and i'm sure most are better then mine. Anyways thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this!



Please comment your thoughts below!

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[feature Requests/bugs]factions

07 November 2014 - 04:18 AM

Description: FactionsAttachments: 0Relationship: 0Status: Open

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[help] Cant Join Creative

28 October 2014 - 12:54 AM

Hey guys,


its chickennuggetinc and I have come across a problem. I cant join creative!! when ever I attempt to join it say's, "you have been kicked reason, Lnet.md_5.Bungee.api.chat.BaseComponent;@6fd490b1" then, it just brings me to the lobby. If anyone knows of this issue please comment if you know how I can fix it.






21 October 2014 - 03:40 AM

Age: 10-16

Months of MuttsWorld: 2

Teamspeak: Yes

IRC: Yes

Essay: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Intro: My name is Vince. I love playing minecraft and most of the time I play its on muttsworld. I love the server so much that i donated to keep it going and will keep donating. I found your server ip when i found Vertith's channel. I love helping out in game and on the forums, also am a very dedicated player that will stay up all night until something that I started gets finished. I live in Canada and my time zone is EST +5. I have been playing minecraft for a little over 2 and a half years.


Why I want Ambassador: I want ambassador because I love this server. I have seen hackers before and I have told them to stop but it is no use but if i am a ambassador I can stop those hackers from breaking rules. Also i love helping out and I want to help the mods that get spammed with questions. I am a very active minecraft player that can be on when ever you need me. Also I have lots of experience, and am great with my bukkit, essentials, group manager, pex, towny, and market commands.


What i would do for a spammer, hacker, and abuser:

Gets a warning then I would give them a ten minute mute after that they would get kicked then banned. Once They are banned I would tell all higher up staff and fellow ambassador's who was banned why they were banned and when. If I ever saw there appeal on the forums I would reply to it and say what happened and would provide proof. I would not accept or deny there appeal because I was the one that banned them so it just doesn't make sense to me, I would just wait for a fellow staff member to deny or accept there appeal and I would answer any questions the staff member has. The only time i will deny my on ban's appeal is if they break lots of rules and deserve to not come back.

Gets a warning, a kick, and then i would ban them. Once they are banned i would let all staff know who was banned why and when and I would tell the admin's the "glitch" he was doing and what I think we should do to solve it. After that I would check for any appeals the banned player create's and reply to it and say why he was banned. After that I would wait for a staff to ask me anything about the player with the ban appeal and I would tell them the whole story.

Gets a warning then a kick then a ban. After that I would tell all staff who was banned why and when and wait for the appeal on the forums. If they appeal I would reply and say exactly what happened and would wait tell another staff member has a questions about it or deny's/accepts the appeal.


Experince: I have owned a fairly successful server but shut it down due to insufficient funds, It Managed around 15 active players at a time. I have been Co-Owner on a server, I have been Head-Admin twice, I have been admin 4-5 times, I have been Mod around 8-10 times, and I have been helper 7-10 times. I am great with commands and I can do almost everything you want me to with redstone.


How long I can be on:
Monday: 5 hours (starting at 3:45 pm EST +5)
Tuesday: 3-4 hours (starting at 3:45 pm EST +5)

Wednesday: 5 hours (starting at 3:45 pm EST +5)
Thursday: 3-4 hours (starting at 3:45 pm EST +5)
Friday: 5-7 hours (starting at 3:45 pm EST +5)
Saturday: 5-7 hours (starting at 9:00 am EST +5)

Sunday:4-5 hours (starting at 9:00 pm EST +5)


How i will help the server: I will help the server by answering questions, Telling people commands, Being active, Donating, Getting my friends on, and a lot more. I am very helpful so I will answer all the questions people have I will also answer modreq if ambassador has access to that if someone ask's how do I get to my town i will tell them to do /town spawn. I am a very active player so that means i can patrol chat and watch the server for a longer duration of time then some of the other staff can. I will donate every month for diplomat to help the server out and keep it running. Getting my friends on will help the server by having more good people on and if they like the server enough they might even donate.


Extra information:

Maturity level (on a scale of 1 to 10): 8 I can joke around and enforcing rules when needed.

Gender: Male

Skype: chickennuggetinc

In real life name: Vince


Thanks for reading have a nice day,


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