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Hello and welcome to my application! I hope you enjoy reading this as it took me a little while to get it working due to it randomly entering one when I tried to type. But I hope I get to finish this one and you will get to know a little about me and why I feel like I should be staff.


About me:


As most people know me, My username is Wilt but many people decide to call me "Walt" or "WiltedTowers" and such. But when I first joined this server, I always thought it would be cool to be staff. Sadly enough, I wasnt mature enough for the task nor did I know what to do. Im currently 17 and about to turn 18 and I have many years of experience when it comes to minecraft servers and helping out. If you have any questions about my experience or anything else related to this application then please dont hesitate to ask.


Positions held on this server:


During my time on this server, I never actually held any staff positions on the server. The only positions I have actually been assigned to was to be a part of the build team on L2D and currently on the Creative build team. Whenever I get asked to do something or help someone with something related to my assigned jobs. I make sure I go ahead and do it. Most of the time when I get on the server, I do tend to ask the head of the build team if they need any help with the build and what to make next.


Positions held on other servers:


On other servers, I have help many staff related positions where most of my actual experience comes from. I have help positions like Helper, Mod, SrMod, JrAdmin, Admin, Head Admin, Co-Owner, and Owner. Like I have stated above in my application, if you are willing to go into more detail about my experience, then please dont hesitate to ask.


Why do I wanna be staff:


The most important question I tend to see servers ask for in staff appications is why people want to be staff and what there motive is. I have always wanted to be staff on Muttsworld ever sense day one when I first joined the server. Not because it seemed cool or above anyone else, but because I can help people on the server and also help the server itself in general. I feel that I could make a great impact as staff on Muttsworld as I have been trying to be more active now comming on everyday.




To sum up this entire application, I feel as if I can be a great help to Muttsworld and to be a helpful and kind person when it comes to helping players on the server. I feel that I have become more mature then I was last time I made a application and feel as if im ready to take on the task of making Muttworld great again!


Thanks to all of you who have read this application
- Wilt15

Click here to view the application



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What position and server are you applying for? How about some examples of how you might handle different situations.

I will say though this Is by far one of the most organized applications I've seen come through here, good job Wilt.


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