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Age: 18-24

Months of MuttsWorld: 72

Teamspeak: No


I’m writing this application today in order to hopefully be accepted as a Moderator or as one of the staff members for the survival server. I am 18 Years Old and have been on and off the server I believe for about 6 years. Muttsworld has been the only server that I have stayed on and kept as it is a very enjoyable server where everyone is friendly with each other and everyone gets along. I have had previous experience on this server with a role it was a builder role helping create and build stuff for the server. If I was ever encountered by a rude or aggressive player, I would simply calm the matter and give a warning on first offence if the matter went any further, I would have to think about temp bans for example a day or two. On third and final offence I would consider doing a longer ban and debate it with another staff member to see if they agree with the terms also. If I came across and inappropriate player, I would simply ask them to stop or they will be muted within the chats for a period. I believe I’m also a very fair and non-biased person when it comes to decisions. The reason I would like to be a moderator is because I like to help people out and help people get along and deal with problems etc. I also enjoy building as I have a very creative mindset and ideas just come to me so I could help with projects like spawns, villages, cities etc.


Thanks for taking your time to read this application.

Click here to view the application

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