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Are you a Diplomat?Diplomat Used to be
Vote: No

Age: 10-16

Months of MuttsWorld: 36

Teamspeak: Yes


Hello My Name is Cat and I have been around Minecraft since 1.5.2 or so. I have been on many servers before Muttsworld (I will not mention due to advertising), Before Minecraft I use to Watch my dad play Survival worlds on his Minecraft account and I introduced him to Mutts (He as since left User= Gmanvinyl) and my family use to play on the server, but now I am the only one that still gets on. My Dad left at 1.8 and I still keep going because I believe there is second chances even for servers like this. I have been on since KitPvp first started and I was a typical 11 year old wanting to get Diplomat, I soon later realized that I was never getting that said rank. Beyond that point I have been a very Avid Player and tried helping players when there is no staff on. I am very helping and very kind to people that actually ask for help in chat or just simply mention me in discord or in Minecraft chat. I wouldn't be mean to anyone or if a player constantly bothers me, I would try to help them and I would have another Veteran Player help me if there is no staff on (It be a different story if there was a staff member on).Here are some scenarios that I would help with

  • If there is a player constantly spamming me or another staff member I would politely tell them to please do stop or I would ask them what they need and help them if I can
  • If there is not a staff member not on I would ask another player for help if I did not know a answer to a question (It's going to happen sometime).
  • If there is a player constantly spamming chat, I will politely tell them to stop and then so on (It will lead to an Admin deciding if he is on)


Thank you for your time I will be on discord mostly and ask me if you need any help
I am a firm believer "If you can do it, you can do anything and also "No one is perfect just be yourself"

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