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What Is Towny?


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What is Towny?



  1. Hierarchy
    • Residents
      • Players who first join 
      • Residents have their own command /resident 
      • Can join or create towns 
      • Residents who join towns can purchase plots that the mayor of the town has for sale 
    • Towns
      • A collection of residents under one Mayor
      • Has a bank that the mayor and treasury can withdraw from 
      • Towns have taxes that are collected once a day (irl) from residents and are deposited into the town bank
      • Towns must pay a daily upkeep tax to the server thats withdrawn from the town bank (See #5)
      • When a player creates a town, the block/area he/she stood on becomes the town block
      • Towns may have outposts, which are claimed areas outside of the area where the town block was created 
    • Mayors
      • Run the town 
      • May promote residents within their town to certain ranks. These ranks are as follows:
        • Assistant
          • Similar powers as mayor
          • Help mayor run the town when mayor is offline 
        • Treasury
          • Only other person besides mayor who has access to the town bank 
        • Sheriff
          • Allowed to jail/un-jail players who are in the town jail (if set up)
          • Can flag a player as an outlaw 
          • See #3
        • Member
          • A trusted resident within a town 
          • May have additional permissions should the mayor choose to setup
      • See Towny - Commands section for additional mayor permissions 
      • Setup their plots (See #2 below)
    • Outlaws
      • Can be any player on the server 
      • Can be defined by a mayor or sheriff 
      • If a newly-minted outlaw is apart of the town, they will be immediately kicked 
      • Players who are an outlaw and die within the town they are outlawed from will be put into that towns jail 
      • A warning message of an outlaw entering into a town will be displayed to all members of the town
    • Nations
      • A collection of towns with one town being the capital 
      • The mayor of the capital is the king 
      • A nation has its own bank and collects taxes from the towns below it. Must pay a nation upkeep tax to server 
      • Only nations can enter wars. Nations can refuse to join a war but must pay a war exemption fee (See #4)
    • Kings
      • Ruler of nations 
      • During war, a nation loses when its King dies 
  2. Plot Types (Set by Mayor/King)
    • Default Plots
      • Plots that the mayor claims and doesn’t define 
      • May be plots for sale to residents 
    • Shop Plots
      • Plots that may be setup for player trading among other town residents 
    • Embassy Plots
      • Plots that can be bought by any player, despite being apart of that town or not
      • Mayor remains in control of the plot and may kick whoever is “renting” the plot at any time 
    • Wild Plots
      • Allows residents to destroy the blocks on that plot (trees, dirt, etc)
      • Useful for protecting terrain around a town while still allowing residents to interact with the plot 
    • Inn Plot
      • Allows any player to use a bed and teleport to the town using /res spawn and respawn on death
      • Inn plot will deny players who are in an enemy nation as declared by your nation
    • Jail Plots
      • See #3 for more information about jail
    • Farm Plots
      • Farm plots allow residents to only break/place blocks pertaining to farmed land 
      • Allow residents to kill farm animals as well
    • Outposts
      • Normally, town blocks are claimed around the original town block 
      • However, mayors can claim blocks in the wilderness by using outposts 
  3. How Jail Works
    • Jail plots are setup by mayors 
    • Players can become jailed if:
      • The players mayor/sheriff sends them to jail while on the town land 
      • An attacker who is apart of an enemy nation and dies on the land 
      • A player labeled as an outlaw by a mayor/sheriff and dies on the land 
    • Jailed players can become un-jailed if:
      • They leave their original town 
      • The mayor/sheriff un-jails them
      • The player pays a bail amount to the town which jailed them
      • They manage to escape the jail plot and the town, escapes to the wilderness 
    • Notes
      • Jailed players cannot teleport or use Ender Pearls to escape 
      • Jailed players who die within a town are sent back to the jail 
  4. War
    • Only nations and towns within a nation can participate in a war 
    • A war only happens on the 1st of each month 
    • The winning nation collects the jackpot
      • As players die throughout the month, the money deducted from each death goes and builds up in the jackpot 
      • When a war is started, an additional 1000 mums is added to the jackpot
      • As players/towns/nations die, money is continually added to the jackpot 
      • The last nation standing gets the money added to the nation bank
    • How to lose in a war:
      • Towns are knocked out of the war if they lose their home block or if the mayor dies 
      • Nations are knocked out if they lose the capital or if the king is killed
    • When a war ends, the town blocks are restored, but any griefing is not 
  5. Taxes
    • Every resident/town/nation pays taxes 
    • Resident Taxes are set by the mayor and include a Plot Tax or/and Town Tax
    • Upkeep tax paid to the server:
      • Towns: 10 mums a day
      • Nations: 100 mums a day
    • What happens when you don’t pay?
      • If resident can’t pay plot tax, they will lose their plot 
      • If resident can’t pay the town tax, they are kicked from the town 
      • If town doesn’t have enough money in the bank to pay the daily upkeep tax, its disbanded 
      • If nation can’t pay its upkeep tax, the nation is removed and towns become individually run again