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World Edit On Creative

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Now that world edit is available to everyone, there are a lot of people confused about how exactly to use it. This topic will hopefully clear up a lot of that confusion.


What is World Edit?

Word Edit is a building tool essentially used to build faster. It allows you to instantly generate walls, spheres, and much more.


How Do I Get World Edit?

World Edit is available for anyone and everyone to use. Diplomats get unlimited w/e. Freebuilders can vote for the server to obtain world edit.


Voting to Get World Edit

In order for Freebuilders to obtain w/e, they can vote for the server. To do this:

1) Type /vote and click on the link that shows up. k6NVAuT.jpg

2) Click any of the three sites and fill out the slot for your name. Do the security questions. Press 'Vote'.

3) Back on Creative, a white message should show up, signifying that you voted. Now type /vote again to activate your world edit. yaXAluH.png



World edit has a long list of commands, but there are a few that are essential to knowing how to properly use it.

  • //wand - This is your actual tool that you'll use to world edit items. It shows up as a wooden axe. When holding this, you can set positions with your right and left mouse buttons.
  • //set [block] - This is the most basic (and arguably the most useful) world edit command. It sets any specified block in the area you've selected with your wand. EX: //set 155
  • //replace [old block] [new block] - This command does what it says. If you don't want to change an entire area, only certain blocks, replace is extremely useful. It allows you to specify the block you want to change and what you want to change it into. EX: //replace grass 5:1 lAGGkeP.jpg2FFq17s.jpg
  • //sphere [block] [radius] - This command is something a lot of people like to use. It generates a sphere. You don't have to set positions for this one, wherever you're standing will be the center of the sphere. The radius is half the length (half of the diameter) of the sphere. In other words, from the center of the sphere to the edge of it. The larger the radius, the larger the sphere. EX: //sphere glowstone 5
  • //hsphere [block] [radius] - Same thing as //sphere, but it's hollow. EX: //hsphere 98 10
  • //cyl [block ] [radius] [height] - This generates a cylinder. It also needs no positions. Wherever you are standing will be the bottom center of the cylinder. Any height added will be built up, and not down at all. EX: //cyl glass 7 10
  • //hcyl [block] [radius] [height] - Same as //cyl, just hollow. Personally, I prefer hollow spheres and cylinders ;)   EX: //hcyl 159:9 3 2 AB5MZzh.jpg
  • //undo - This does exactly what is says. Made a mistake? Just undo it! Probably the other most useful w/e command, imo.

This is not all the world edit commands available, but simply covers the most commonly used ones. If you need help with other ones, feel free to ask any of the staff!


Helpful Other Stuff

  • Where you right and left click with your wand will set the positions of the area you're going to w/e. In other words, a rectangle or rectangular prism is formed in the space between where you have set your two positions. Anything in that area will be changed with the command you use.
  • In order to set blocks you either need the ID of the block or the name of it. However, the name is not always recognized by the w/e system. /searchitem [block] will allow you to search blocks by their name to find their id. For example, /searchitem stair will show you a list of ID's for all types of stairs. You can also find a full length list of ID's here: http://minecraft-ids...medgecombe.com/
  • It doesn't matter if you use the name of the block or the ID. //set 35 and //set wool will have the exact same result.
  • In order to clear an area instead of setting a block there, //set 0 or //set airmwvM2Qa.png
  • In order to get a random mix of more than one block, use //set [block],[block] (EX: //set 155,glowstone,155:1). You can use as many blocks as you want, as long as there is a comma and no spaces separating the different blocks. kTz61Gr.png
  • Some ID's have more than one block for their number. For example, //set 35 will create white wool. //set 35:14 will create red wool.
  • In order to change the direction of stairs, you'll need to use the above mentioned method. For example, //set 53 will set wooden stairs facing west. //set 53:1 will create wooden stairs facing east.


How To Actually Do W/E Because I Didn't Really Explain It Up There

1) Get your //wand in your hand

2) Left click a block while holding the wand. TPhBcUp.png

3) Right click another block while still holding the wand. eZyHIZs.png

4) Type the command you want to use. //set 169 is what I used here.KzolbRS.png

5) If you screwed it up, //undo and try again.

6) Marvel at your achievement.

There is some trial and error involved, so don't rage quit if you don't get it on the first try. I spent like 30 minutes trying to figure it out when I first started.  :???:


And if this still doesn't help...just YouTube it.

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