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  1. Globalmarket

    On the MuttsWorld Survival, PvP, L2D and Towny servers we use the the GlobalMarket interface. Using the market can help prevent scamming and is a good way to sell items to players while offline.

    Basic Commands:

    /market listings - lists items available on the market
    /market send <player> sends the item in your hand to another player (Survival, Skyblock, and Towny only)
    /market create <price> - lists the item you are currently holding in your hand
    /market mail - view your market mailbox (Survival and Towny only)

    MuttsWorld Market Tutorial:

    • Oct 01 2014 06:08 PM
    • by railguy_
  2. Jobs

    Jobs plugin pays you every 30 minutes for breaking, placing, killing, brewing, and more. As you get higher level jobs you will get higher incomes.

    Basic Commands:

    /jobs - To see main jobs screen.
    /jobs browse - View a list of the available jobs.
    /jobs join [job name] - Join the job.
    /jobs leave [job name] - Leave the job.
    /jobs info [job name] [break, place, kill] - view information about that job.
    /jobs stats - view your job level and experience needed to level up.


    -Earns money felling and planting trees.

    -Earns money mining minerals and ores.

    -Earns money for terraforming the world.

    -Earns money farming crops.

    -Earns money killing animals and monsters.

    -Earns money brewing potions.

    -Earns money enchanting weapons.