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#114026 2014 Survival Nostalgia

Posted by Kechiro on 06 May 2019 - 01:07 AM

I was going through some old Steam screenshots and found a bunch of Minecraft stuff that was taken on the Muttsworld Survival server. Man, those were good times. I built this huge town called Kechland right next to Vidad's town, and even made a forum post about it (but it looks like that forum section was deleted). I'm downloading the 2016 map now in hopes that my old town will still be there (assuming I'm able to find it). I remember Vidad, JohnBPKC and NRH, but other friend's names are escaping me now. Here are the pictures I took of my old base...

AhrynD and JowinD used to love to grief me and my animals all the time, that is until I got diplo+ :)



Sometimes squids and other mobs would randomly spawn around you...


Spawn back in 2014



Craziest gift I ever received, couldn't believe it at the time.



Bird's eye view of my town (as of September 2014). I created a huge statue of myself just like Vidad did in his town. So literally there were two huge statues. This looked AWESOME from a distance but the other direction.



This was my underground mob dungeon, I had like 20+ mob spawners behind a redstone activated door so I could get levels fast. I miss this so much!!



NRH joining in the infernal/mob boss killing fun.



I remember being so hyped when I got this. Back when a silk touch pick meant you can pick up mob spawners...


I unleashed a wither on my own town, why? I don't know ... haha

Well that's all for now, if I find more pictures I might make an Imgur album or something. Good times!!

UPDATE: Finally got the 2016 survival world up locally running in 1.8, and I literally SPAWNED in my base! Everything is still there just like it should be! Spawners and some custom mod stuff don't work but it's awesome to be in the old base again! I'm gonna make a vid of me walking through it soon.