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Oj’s Snapshot Week 3 : Week Of Omega € But Not The End

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Oj’s Snapshot Week 3 : Week of Omega – BUT NOT THE END

Honestly, I have only done three of these, but each time I see a project that someone has been working on, I immediately go THIS IS AMAZING THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I do not know if it’s my memory forgetting that I saw something just as awesome last week, or that it’s just the Oh this is new and has wow-factor of 11.

But anyhow (Look at me sounding American) , on to this week’s snapshot known as “Omega”. A player who's name i forget not the creator of this amazing place actually told me to have a look at it, even giving me four iron blocks during the “Oj’s hunt for iron quest” in an attempt to make me review Omega!. I had a tech issue and so was playing on minimal settings and it was dark so I did not really see anything, other than a few buildings that looked ok.
But I decided that I’d check it out later, and well this is what I saw. (album here go look!!)

I really like the cool flag things, I have not personally seen that done before, it’s not actually where the warp though so don’t be afraid when you do /warp omega and you are not there! (if you want to look on the map the cords are (-1450 – 2800)
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But really what I think looks awesome, is this bridge I have long been against people when they say “cobble is ugly” It’s how you use it. For instance look at this bridge with the nether-brick fence, and the cobble it looks fantastic!

Hobbes told me most of it has been built by himself and Kylo1447 Although a few people have assisted them in the construction of Omega. He was also very kind to show me what they are working on next. And I got to say, I look forward to seeing it built!

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So thanks Hobbes for showing me around you are a very friendly zombie!

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I’d point out two things. In projects like these a lot of people need items that the AH cannot provide in large enough quantities or at a bulk discount rate (hey if someone’s buying a double chest of coal it should be cheaper right!) that’s the reason I created a forum thread for Bulk sells / buys I explain it there.

Secondly, when doing this people often say I need people to work for me, I myself to have got people to work for me for mums. For that reason I also created this thread.

Anyhow keep building awesome stuff and have a great weekend I should be on Teamspeak for most of this weekend so please hop on! - oj


Omega is amazing (they have a train to my town so I go over there all the time :D) hobbes manages to use blocks like cobble and leaves (things I don't normally like) in ways that make buildings awesome. keep up the good work hobbes :) and the snapshot is an awesome idea thanks oj
i know. i love this article series. can't wait for the next one. thanks for the nice words!
Thanks for the great article about us Oj, people can visit using /warp Omega