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The Dragon is Vanquished!










Congratulations to Zer0XPGained for the Survival Server first Ender Dragon Kill and winning the challenge!






See this video here: http://bit.ly/2fTe39Z






Thank you to all who participated!






Be on the lookout for more World Events in the future...

















Introducing our first Survival world event: The Dragon Slayer Challenge








With the reset of survival, the end is once more a strange and dangerous place.









Wanted: Enderdragon

















- All loot acquired on the journey and upon killing the dragon.








- The [DragonSlayer] Title: View attachment: Dragonslayer.png








- Your name at spawn!








- Totem of Undying








- A to be determined amount of Shop Points








- Winner featured on the MuttsWorld youtube channel and website.








-500,000 claim blocks.

















The end portal at spawn has been removed. Adventurers must find their own way to the end to kill the dragon.








You must locate and venture to a stronghold to active an end portal. You must obtain all items by hand. You must then venture into the End, and kill the dragon. After killing the dragon, you must reach the End Ship, high above End City and claim the Dragon Head. This area is only accessible after defeating the Ender Dragon and stepping through the End Gateway.








To claim your prize: Be the first to upload a video chronicling your travels to Youtube. It must show some portions of your search and ender eye collection, and then uncut footage of your journey through the end, your dragon kill, and acquisition of the Dragon Head. Diplomats are NOT to use the TP arrow in the end during this challenge.








In the event of completing this challenge with a friend, rewards will be split evenly between no more than two players.









Good Luck! If you have any further questions, direct them to QuietQuilla or XXLordSXX.









*Any exploitation of bugs, glitches, or use of illegal modifications will result in instant disqualification, as well as a ban.*


nice but someone did it already

Can we do a wither slayer challenge next?