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Survival Update!

New Changes:
You can use /village or /visit anywhere once again!


New Plugin added to the server:
As of right it only shows information regarding Minecraft Enchants, I am working on adding potions to the plugin, and eventually more as you guys suggest.
Use "/mc" to get started.


We added this to the server, and shortly after removed it due to a chat related issue. I am going to look further into this issue, and hopefully we'll have it on the server once again.


Bankhand Auctions:
- Prizes to expect: Spawners, Spawn Plot, Custom Enchanted Gear, and more!


We know you love to try and kill your friends from breaking the blocks beneath them. We'll be giving away several spawn plots for personal use. You can advertise your warps!


Santa is coming to MuttsWorld!
Make sure you set up your Christmas tree so Santa knows where to put your presents! Or coal if you've been naughty.


Upcoming Changes:
/setwarp - Price will be increased!
Update /esell list - If you want something added to the shop, feel free to leave a comment on what you want to see added!
Admin Shop