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October Events For Survival

Do you like to build scary creatures? Getting free items for minimal work? Creating your own skin? This month on survival, we have a few activities for anyone willing to participate! Check out the forum post for more details!

We have three activities planned for this Halloween season.


Event #1. Bobbing For Apples
This is fairly similar to "Find The Diamonds", there will be a variety of prizes you can get from the hoppers, furnaces, etc.
You can expect to find anything from mob drops -> food -> various minerals.
The winner is determined by golden apples. We have renamed the golden apples so we will know if you brought your own!
Once the majority of items are gone we will move on.
Starts at 9am Eastern Daylight Time, date October 28, 2017


Basic Rules: No armor, water breathing potions. You can team if you'd like, but only the person with a golden apple will receive the main prizes.


Event #2: Skin Contest
This will happen after the Bobbing For Apples.
Try to use your skin and decorate it. You can change the colors of your hair, add a mask/costume, facepaint.
Custom skins are fun to make as well as seeing.


First: 300 mcMMO levels
Second: 200 mcMMO levels
Third: 100 mcMMO levels
(When redeeming you can split the amount into two, 10 levels in axe and 90 levels into alchemy)


Event #3: Create A Monster
This year instead of carving a pumpkin, you have 25x25x40 to create a monster.
A mod or admin will copy your monster to the judging platform and on October 29, 2017 at 6pm Eastern Daylight Time we will judge the monsters.
As long as you submitted your monster before the deadline, you do not have to be online. We will NOT bring your monster if you ask after we have started.

First: 10,000 Claim Blocks
Second: 7,500 Claim Blocks
Third: 5,000 Mums