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So, you want to play on Mutt'sWorld Minecraft Servers. Here are some things you should know!

Minecraft Server Addresses:
Survival: survival.muttsworldmine.com
Creative: creative.muttsworldmine.com
PvP: pvp.muttsworldmine.com

Mutts World (survival.muttsworldmine.com) is a survival server. You will die occasionally so be careful what items you travel with.


1. No Griefing - Grief refers to the destruction of property that belongs to others. Some people do this by accident, it happens from time to time and you may be asked about it by Staff. Some people grief exclusively- these people will be banned. If a property is abandoned and you may want to take it over, notify a mod or admin and they will proceed from there. It is not your own personal decision which areas are abandoned. Mods/Admins can 'undo' grief. Please report any grief to the administration so it may be repaired and the offending members can be dealt with.

2. Find an empty area to build - Land on our server is 'claimed' simply by building on it. However if your building impedes or destroys another players' buildings, it would be considered grief. Your best bet is to find an empty area and start building a house. Place some locked chests so the admins know who lives there. More on locking later.

3. Admins have final say - if you feel another player has wronged you, DO NOT take matters into your own hands, please notify a mod by using /modreq . Do not put in more than one Mod request for the same issue. If you feel you are not receiving a fair resolution then escalate the issue to an Admin by using /modreq Admin: . Taking matters into your own hands can lead to you being banned.

4. Move away from spawn to build - You can't build in spawn. Many areas are protected from destruction simply due to their use on the server. Typing /homeregion will bring you to a fairly open area, with space for you to build in. Some Diplomat levels receive protected areas. You can find them here: (Diplomat upgrades) We also have some protection packages which can be found here: (Protection Upgrades) Identification of a protected area can be done with string. Right click blocks with string in hand to identify a region. If there is no region, it will say "WG: No defined regions here!" or something similar.

5. No Hacks. Period. - Flyhack, xray, speedhack, spamhack, etc. Don't use them. You will get caught eventually and there is zero tolerance.

So that's what you shouldn't do. So what should you do? Pick a direction and start walking! Typing /kit starter and /kit noob will get you some basic tools to assist you on your journey. You can also use /homeregion to begin your search for an area to build in. After you find a free spot, be sure to /sethome! /sethome costs 25 mums, our local currency, but that's alright because you start with a bit more than that. By typing /sethome you can now return to your home at any time by typing /home. This will be very useful on the server.

So that brings up the question, how do you get mums? Well, mums are earned through interest- every 30 minutes of playtime you are awarded 45 mums. You can also earn mums by buying/selling at Auction House! The Auction House is to the North of spawn and you can walk there quickly. You can read about how to use it there. Also accessible through /warp auctionhouse.

So after you use /sethome, it's time to make a locked chest. To lock a chest on this server you simply hold a sign in your hand and right click the chest. If you did it correctly, the sign will stick to the chest! Now it's your own personal chest. To add people to the lock just right click the sign and follow the directions-- But be sure you trust the person you are adding because we will not replace items they take from the shared chest.

PvP Server Rules

1. No Hacks. Period. - Flyhack, xray, speedhack, spamhack, etc. Don't use them. You will get caught eventually and there is zero tolerance.

2. Grief is Fully allowed.

3. Protected areas MUST maintain a path to all loot (chests). however the structure will be ungriefable, all bases, even protected ones, will be raidable.

Feel free to explore the rest of the tutorials.