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Property Version of /auc

I am a modern mansion architect. I am looking for an easier way to sell things even when I am not around on muttsworld. We need a command that is the same as /auc but for house sales. I really need this. I need to reach 1 Million and I can't find people that will pay for my houses because I am on so late. I really need something that will help me get another 850,000 mums so I can reach my hopes and dreams.


With All Due Respect,
Architect CandyServal


Status: Open


You find us a valid, supported (active developer), current Minecraft version, we will consider adding it. It isn't likely, however. The hypothetical plugin you're requesting would involve land claims (to isolate the build for sale until its new owner can claim it), which are currently a diplo-only perk, and thus would be unavailable to residents; an unfair advantage in the player economy. 

Instead, I would recommend using Writable Books to create Deeds, and use the current Auction House plugin. You could title the book the house's coordinates (that way people could look before they buy), and price it as you see fit. Then inside the book you could write something like "the owner of this book is the valid owner of the house at the coordinates described, as sold by CandyServal." Just make sure you sign the book so no one can edit it to promise a build you don't want to sell.