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I would like a plugin that you can marry someone by doing /marry <playername>
Then when u get married u can do /child <playername> but you must have a spouse to do this action.

Love and Budder Apples,


Status: Open


Personally I find this sort of stuff incredibly creepy and weird.

LOL, Why would anyone want such a plugin? Don't you have a family in real life to worry about? And it's also pretty weird.

lolno, it's minecraft not a dating site.....

Haha creative would love this

This is far from what we will ever need...
Not to mention it's creepy as cluck
It is funny cause I linked a plugin for this the other day and said why would anyone ever use this. This saddens me.

This would work great for creative. It would take the work out of role playing.

you can have children without being married, i find this plugin lacking realism. also, what about divorce

I want a divorce program

Just make sure you get an economy friendly one. We would have a lot of players paying child support. >.<

Do we get tax benefits on the exchange market if we've got a family?

These are the questions people should be asking. 


What about custody?  Parent and child can only be in the same region on certain days.

So if I do "/marry" on sabbing, does that mean she gets to be stuck with a guy for a husband forever.

ehh sounds ok to me

ehh sounds ok to me


Of all the posts to dig up, this is probably one of the weird ones.

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Look at all the old players that replied in this before josh. Of the fourteen replies, only two of them are still here.

Problem commenting on this? it's not shoddy to do so.