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The ability to mail players who are offline at that moment would be a great addition to mumblechat. The command to mail someone could be
/mail {player} {message}
When someone logs in, along with the time and welcome message, there could be a something like:
You have mail! Type /mail check to view your mail.

When someone does /mail check they would be brought to a page with a list of messages they got, in date order with the player who sent it and a small blurb of the message, Example:

#1 3/7/2013 19:32:12 CST Thunderblz00: Hi how are you doing? I wanted to let you...
#2 3/7/2013 12:43:09 CST Ibrahimkhan1212: I send myself mail! YAY. Well hi I...

Type /mail {mail number} to view full message.
Type /mail delete {mail number} to delete a message.
Type /mail replay {mail number} {message} to reply to a message
Type /mail write (player} {message} to send a mail.

And so on. This would make it much easier to contact players that are not online, especially if the people you are friends with are in different timezones. Keep in mind that I don't know any coding so I am sorry if this is impossible and makes no sense. Thanks!


Status: Accepted



Mar 16 2013 07:38 PM

I could make a hook plugin that hooks into Mumblechat that does this...

i can only imagine what my in-game mailbox would look like if we had this...

i can only imagine what my in-game mailbox would look like if we had this...

Sabbing Sabbing you are awsome!!!

Tern off teh rain plz

Diplo diplo now now

I've Ben greifed

Hi Sabbing

Hi Sabbing

Hi Sabbing


come here!

I've done the imagining for you.
Mar 17 2013 12:44 PM
i can only imagine what my in-game mailbox would look like if we had this...

I'll make a permission so that if you have it, you dont get mail messages

Sounds coolish, but I don't want Football70500 making it  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Football, you've caused enough messes in your time here, have you not? Mail plugins already exist, can't be too hard to link it with Mumblechat.


Sounds like a good idea overall, It would save me the trouble of trying to contact people who are never online.

/mail block {player}     Restricts a player from messaging you

/mail mute {player}     Restricts players from using mail commands.


The staff may want a /mail view {player}   command to view mail.


It would make it so much easier to collaborate with other people who are offline. 



Also, no offense to football70500 but I was thinking maybe Cindy could add it into Mumblechat directly.

Thumbs up. Providing there's some sort of built in ignore/block functionality this would be extremely useful.

Yes definitly! I could mail people who ask for a place to live, make a locked chest, and never come on again/forget about it. I can then mail them, and tell them that if they don't get there in 2 days, imma get an admin to remove it :). +100

+1 this would be really helpful for getting information passed around to others who are not online
I like the idea, & I think there should also be a way to block certain people from messaging you.

Could be cool... Send mail reminders so when you login you see a message from yourself


Should something like this get put in, here are a few thoughts...


1. Mailbox limit: 5-10 messages, tops waiting in an inbox. After that, reading through those messages gets to be unwieldy, especially if other chat is busy in the background. After limit reached, respond back to person leaving message that the inbox is full and to try again later.


2. User settable command to turn the inbox off. 


3. Rate limit of sending mail to 1 every x minutes (1-2 I would think) Would help in slowing down spammers


4. Like modreqs, be able to ban/timeban users from being able to send mail


5. As previously suggested, an Ignore [player] option


6. I lieu of #1, a '/mail delete all' option or '/mail delete from [player]' to clean out an inbox quickly or get rid of the spammy user


7. If inbox is full, return a "[player] last logged in [##] days ago" (maybe not, might be some 'privacy' type concerns here)



That's all I can think of for now. It is certainly worth a ponder, but I don't know if it overall is worth the hassle. Probably need more player feedback.

Make a mail message cost mums, and reduced cost for diplomats.



Make a mail message cost mums, and reduced cost for diplomats.

That seems like a bad idea, IMO. There's enough noobs that complain about not having enough money, and while there is plenty of ways to get money, they are going to complain regardless. More things for noobs to complain about then.

Dragonshear's point is somewhat of a good one. Make added features in it for diplomats.
Don't think it would go down too well if we charged to send a mail message. Can't see a need to give diplomats extra features, it should be unlimited for everybody providing the staff have the right tools to deal with the inevitable spam. No different to sending a private message on here, really.


A couple comments on your comments...


1. This is kind of a catch all "how do I read XX messages and then do something with them" question more than it is a quantity over time issue. I do not know how other mail systems work within minecraft, so keep that in mind, but based on how MC works... "/mail list; /mail read 1; /mail delete 1; /mail read 2; /mail read 2; /mail delete 2; etc etc etc". Unless there is something like "/mail read|delete 1-5" to read/delete the first 5 messages, a player with a lot of messages could get overwhelmed and just stop using it.


2. To tie in to #1, if a person is not reading  their messages at all, "not using the system", wouldn't it be beneficial to the person trying to get a message to that person to know that it won't be read?



As for Diplo and helping to give more reason to upgrade... I dunno, that's a different beast.


Of course this is all dependent on if Mum is interested in doing any of this, but certainly a worthwhile discussion on what would make a good mail system.

its a good idea, it was passed around before, someone just had to write it.
Yes please