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Logblock replacemetn

Hey so I know that there are some thing that log block does not track (chest content, item frames, mobs ect.) and it can sometime take a long time to roll back major grief (especially tnt). So I thought I might suggest a replacement for consideration. It is called prism and seem to have a lot more functionality then logblock and is less resource intensive. Most of the info is on the site discover-prism.com.

Less resource intensive
More capable
Retraining staff
Loss of current block history


Status: Open




I'm sure there'd be a way of taking the current block history off the database and putting it on the new one. (If it were to be implemented)

Just throwing this out there...it takes about half a second to rollback things if you're not completely mental.

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Once learned, logblock is extremely effective and easy to use. We use it for a lot of different things, not just fixing grief. The history is reset often so losing that isn't too much of a hassle. Logblock can, in fact, track chest contents. We don't use that feature because well, we allow you to lock your chests so theres no reason to store that information (which is an asssston of info on a full server) Entities are often never a problem for us other than paintings, but Im not too interested in logging who broke a painting and banning them. There is a plugin that would allow us to track mob murders and such, which would be easier than changing from logblock to something else entirely. It would be an add on - not a full switch. To be honest, players murdering animals keep the numbers from getting too high.


Honestly it comes down to this - None of my staff are going to ban someone for breaking paintings, eggs, minecarts, etc (entities)

None of my staff are going to ban anyone for killing animals either, so knowing who did it is not necessary at all. 


Of all the plugins you could have suggested replacing, LogBlock is, im sure, the LAST plugin mumble would ever consider removing on Survival, lol.

Yah figured that the cost benefits might come out as a not change. Just thought I would make you guys aware if you where looking for a replacement, since there are some things lacking in logblock. 

logblock, it just works