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FTB Ultimate Modpack

This plugin clears entities every so many mins.

I suggest FTB use the modpack Ultimate rather than Mindcrack. I think the packs have more to offer both donator wise and resident. There is a server (which will remain nameless) that has grabbed my attention and have been trying it to see what FTB Ultimate has to offer. It hardly crashes (not saying muttsworld does just pointing out due to how many players they have)and there is no lag with over 130 players and 300 max I do know they focus on FTB so i'm not asking for a 300 player server.. I would rather play on Muttsworld and would be willing to donate for a Ultimate modpack to be tried out.

Again this is just a suggestion and I know it requires a lot of time but I just wanted to give my two cents as it seems more popular than the Mindcrack Server Pack.

Mindcrack has 2 things Ultimate doesn't:
  • Rei's mini-map(which you can always install separately);
  • Traincraft.
Ultimate on the other hand add the following Mindcrack doesn't have:
  • Applied Energistics
  • AS Update Check Mod
  • Charge Pads
  • BiblioCraft
  • Equivalent Exchange 3
  • FlatBedrock
  • ForgeIRC
  • Gravity Gun (*gleeeeeee*)
  • Immibis Core
  • MineFactory Reloaded
  • Modulare PowerSuits
  • Mystcraft
  • NEI Mystcraft Plugins
  • Nether Ores
  • Power Converters
  • PowerCrystals Ore
  • SecretRooms
  • Thaumic Bees (!!)
  • Tubestuff
  • VoxelMap
  • Xeno's Reliquary
IF this was to happen here is a list of items as an example:

MYSTCRAFT - Making worlds should only be available to admins. Honestly I would just remove it as worlds created are unstable and will crash the server.

Mining Lasers – Griefing
Gravity Guns – Griefing
Nukes and dynamite – Griefing
Placement of TNT and iTNT – Griefing
Wand of Excavation – Griefing
Wand of Frost – Griefing
Wrath Ignitor – Griefing
Canvas Bags – Duplication
Powersuits – Connection Issues
Hunter Handgun – Bugged (Temp)
Mystcraft Descriptive Books – Donator Perk
MFFS – Under Test
World Anchors – Chunk loader replacement
Xycraft Fab. – test
Portal Guns – Donator Perk
Powersuits - Connection Issues


Also Cameo Blocks and one way blocks cause problems and should be removed as they cause chunks to become problematic and crash clients. Examples of disabled items:

at com.github.AbrarSyed.SecretRooms.common.BlockOneWay.b(BlockOneWay.java:129)
at bbb.q(RenderBlocks.java:4206)
at com.github.AbrarSyed.SecretRooms.client.CamoRenderer.renderOneSideCamo(CamoRenderer.java:116)
at com.github.AbrarSyed.SecretRooms.client.CamoRenderer.renderFullCamo(CamoRenderer.java:326)
at com.github.AbrarSyed.SecretRooms.client.CamoRenderer.renderWorldBlock(CamoRenderer.java:68)

Thanks for your time



Status: Open


I agree having that server would be lovely and all, but do we have the money in the Mutts world budget? I don't think we do, I never have none, and I probably never will :P